WEMAX ONE PRO Review: A Premium Laser Projector with Incredible Display Output


Many people are fed up of damaging their ceilings or so to mount a projector at their homes and offices! Also sometimes it is annoying to install it at a proper place such that nothing will come in between the projected output! A Laser projector can be the best solution under such conditions!!! In this post, I am going to review a premium laser projector, i.e., WEMAX ONE PRO that has already gained much mixed critical feedbacks!

A week before I got the chance to review the product, and I did not miss it! Hence, from the next section, I will share with you my personal experience with using the ONE PRO projector machine that I had tested for about one week. Thanks to one of my friends without whom this had not been possible! So let us start!

WEMAX ONE PRO: A Future Projection Machine

We can imagine the preference of worldwide projector users towards laser projectors other than normal ones. In 2017 the sales volume was about 71,000 units with a growth rate of 226%. Also at the start of the present year, i.e., 2018 the retail sales rate of laser projectors have been increased by around 326%.

And it has been estimated officially that the sales volume of the same will be near to 232,000 units by 2020. We cannot compare the sales volume of a smart TV with a laser TV projector since many people are not familiar with this new technology.

A regular decrease in the price of laser projectors with time is a big reason behind the adoption of the same by the worldwide audio-visual lovers. The ONE PRO projector is available online at a discounted price of about 1950 US dollars. Also, you can avail extra discounts and bonus if you are eligible for the same.

You might need to pay a certain sum of money as a shipping charge that might be different for different countries. Thus, if you have a reasonable budget, then I suggest you adopt it now itself. If you have a chance then why not prepare yourself in advance for the future technology that will possibly be common at homes one day!

An Outlook on the Design Configurations of the Projector

ONE PRO is available in Mirror Black color. The overall look of the WEMAX ONE PRO projector is exquisite and transparent. All in all, ONE PRO projector hardware is based on a minimalistic compact rectangular box type of design.

ONE PRO projection machine is a bit heavy machine that weights to around 6 kilograms. The total dimensions of the hardware measures to approximately 17.32 x 11.42 x 3.54 inches or 44.00 x 29.00 x 9.00 cm. By considering the measurements of length, width, and height of the projector respectively.

If we look at the available interface ports on the ONE PRO projector device, then it consists of a SPDIF port and a 3.5mm audio jack. Also, there is an ARC port, a USB 2.0 port, an Ethernet port, an AV port, an ARC port, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI 2.0 port present at the back of the projector hardware.

There are three rubber pads provided at the bottom of the projector machine to give an excellent grip to the ONE PRO projection device. However, I think it would be best to have four paddings at each corner of the hardware.

However, I hope the designers of the machine have taken care to provide complete balance and stability to the projector hardware. At the time of keeping the device on any surface. There is also an adjustable wheel provided at the lower surface of the projector to adjust its height located on the right portion on the same face.

How much Useful is the Hardware Design of WEMAX ONE PRO?

It adopts high-quality sense into a 15-inch notebook sized hardware appearance. The outer cover of the WEMAX ONE PRO projector hardware is made with sandblasted ploy carbonated material. All the corners have been rounded that is very safe for children. At the center axis of the body there lies a hidden power indicator.

There are two infrared sensors to detect the human body located at both the sides of the projector device. Hence the ONE PRO projector can sense the movement of a body and lowers the impact of its projected brightness.

At the top surface of the projector device, there is a laser projection module. At the front, the projector looks completely neat and clean with only a metal mesh. Moving ahead towards the sides of the projector let us look at the left one.

It is having some air vents and an adjustment knob. On another side of the projector device, there are some vents to pass on the sound coming out of its internal speakers. Also, there are some adjustable control knobs present on the same surface of the ONE PRO projector hardware.

At the back of the projector machine there provided all the interface connectivity ports in a row and a power input at the lower portion of them. The overall design of the ONE PRO projector machine is very superior. Thus, making it a premium looking projector to be kept on homes or workplaces.

What are the Features behind Extraordinary Display Output of the Projector?

ONE PRO is supposed to be the world’s very first ultra-short projector with ALPD. Yes, it is an advanced laser display technology projection device. It can project a screen output of 150 inches in its diagonal size. It is possible by keeping the WEMAX ONE PRO projector hardware at a distance of 50 centimeters away from the projection screen or a wall.

The ALPD 3.0 laser light source from Appotronics can project for up to 25 thousand hours. Hence you can use the projection machine for years to come even after using it daily. The projector is compatible to project a display output with a native resolution of Full HD, i.e., 1920 x 1080p. Not limited to it you can watch 4K videos as well with complete clarity on the output projection object.

In ONE PRO portable laser projector, the DLP technology works differently. There are many microscopically small sized mirrors those have been laid out in DMD chip of the projector. Hence the final image is formed after passing through them.

A right projection machine can be decided by keeping in mind both the white light output and color light output, i.e., CLO. CLO as an indicator can affect the overall color performance of a device. The lower the CLO, the output color performance of the display can also be worse to watch concerning the brightness. In ONE PRO even at high brightness, the CLO can reach 100% hence you can experience the true colors in the output display of it.

What are the Display Specifications of the One PRO Projector Hardware?

The maximum level of brightness with which a projector can display the output screen is 7000 lumens. ONE PRO supports to project an output picture with a typical contrast ratio of 3000:1. A DMD display chip of 0.47 inch has been used inside the projector hardware.

After having 4K support and a facility to project an output screen of high brightness what else we can expect from a high-end projection device? 3D compatibility right! WEMAX ONE PRO cannot let us down in such department as well, and you can take the full benefit of enjoying 3D effects using some compatible shades.

There is a high brightness light source available inside the ONE PRO projector machine. It might be possible that some users would not like to watch pictures with high brightness. To make it simple, those who want some changes in the projected brightness. So WEMAX has provided their different modes to adjust the light as per different situations. They are the namely normal mode, movie mode, and highlight mode.

In addition to it, there are two unique modes to project the output pictures namely eye protect and save power. They are highly recommended to get more efficiency and keep our eyes safe from direct contact with any bright light.

How is WEMAX ONE PRO the Best Laser Display Projector Device?

ONE PRO supports to project the display output with more than 80 percent of brightness uniformity. The projector device supports NTSC 80 to 85 percent of the color gamut. The device can help to project a picture having 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Generally, the projector is working within a contrast ratio of 2500:1 to 3500:1. The output display of ONE PRO projector is compatible with three different color temperatures. It includes warm, cold and standard. You can project pictures or movies with a throw ratio of 0.233:1.

You can get clear pictures on the output display of ONE PRO projector because of HDR support on the same device. A user can adjust the projected output screen of the ONE PRO using two different modes of keystone correction, i.e., eight corners and four corners.

With WEMAX ONE PRO projector you can get an output display screen of size ranging from 15 inches to 150 inches in its diagonal length. It can be possible by installing the ONE PRO projector hardware within a suggested limit of 0.1 meters to 3 meters. It is the average distance between the device and the output projection object.

The display performance of the ONE PRO projector device is something exceptional. The accuracy of reproducing natural colors and every single detail on the big display output is something that we must look.

What is in the User Interface of the Projector?

ONE PRO runs on MIUI TV operating system that is based on Android 6.0 or above. The user interface of the projector system has been inspired with many Xiaomi TV series. You can access the multimedia contents based on TV series, shows, movies, sports, games and many more.

A user can also get the access of iQiyi, Mango TV, Youku, and other content platforms. You can use the remote to pop up the menu option while watching any movies on it. A user can easily customize every aspect of a picture like an aspect ratio, brightness, and playback settings in the picture mode.

The user interface on ONE PRO projector supports the voice-controlled accessibility function. It would be better if the default user interface of the PRO projector system will be available in all English. It is highly beneficial for the international users of the ONE PRO system.

How is the Performance of Internal Audio System of ONE PRO?

The manufacturers have taken good care to make the ONE PRO projector a complete home theater system. I can say this because there is a top-end speaker system provided inside the projector hardware.

There are total three speakers provided inside the projector hardware. One among them is of high frequency, and the other two are full frequency speakers. Total power produced by the internal speakers of the ONE PRO projector is about 30W. The actual effects of sound while playing any game is really sensational.

To make sure ONE PRO can deliver a clear and crisp sound with surrounding effects the device has been backed by DOLBY decoding technology. Hence, you can feel every single beat of music from the internal speakers. Also, the projector hardware can enhance the overall sound output of any external speakers connected with the device.

If I have to say something concerning the output audio quality of the ONE PRO, then nothing could beat it. Yes, first of all, three in-built highly tuned speakers in combination with Dolby and DTS HD surround sound technologies. It is something that can turn the projector device into a complete family home entertainment system.

What the Hardware Specifications of the WEMAX ONE PRO Projector?

In this section I am going to list down all the basic and essential hardware specifications of the ONE PRO projector that is worth to know;

  • A powerful 64-bit quad core T968 Cortex-A53 processor chip of 1.8GHz has been used inside the projector unit.
  • A 2GB of DDR3 RAM has been used inside the projector hardware.
  • There is an internal eMMC flash memory of 16GB inbuilt within the ONE PRO projection machine.
  • The projector device has supported a dual-band Wi-Fi signal of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Hence, the projector can be connected with a robust wireless network signal every time.
  • ONE PRO also supports Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity. Therefore, you have the flexibility to pair the projector with any other smart gadget available with you. You can also connect the projector with other Bluetooth compatible devices.
  • No wonder since the display output of the projector is having the functionality of power focus.
  • A user needs to supply a regular power supply of 200 to 240 volts at 50Hz to 60Hz of frequency.
  • The ONE PRO projector machine works very silently by producing less than 32 decibels noise at maximum.
  • ONE PRO can consume a maximum power of 250W.
  • ONE PRO can project JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, and PNG as supportable image formats.

How is the Company Box Packaging of the WEMAX ONE PRO Projector Device?

In the company packaging box, you can get a remote controller and a power cable of about 1.5 meters in length. It also includes a cleaning cloth, an English user manual, and two adapters with the main projector unit. You can buy it online since many e-commerce sites are making it sure to deliver the product within a week or so.

The total weight of the packing box including all the accessories with the ONE PRO device is about nine kilograms. Yes, the machine is a bit heavy to carry from one place to another. However, if you are strong enough, then you will not find any issues in transferring it daily here and there.

The overall dimensions of the ONE PRO projection device are 22.83 x 18.9 x 8.27 inches and 58.00 x 48.00 x 21.00 cm. All the measurements are concerning the length, width, and height of the projector respectively.

A Detailed Look on the Remote Controller of ONE PRO

The remote controller supplied with ONE PRO projector works on Bluetooth signal connectivity. You can use the remote controller provided with the WEMAX ONE PRO projector device via the touch of buttons. Also, you can give voice commands to the remote to control the projector system.

Let me share with you all some details about the overall design of the remote controller that has been supplied with the ONE PRO projector device. The controller is available in white and black dual tone colors with a brand logo at its front lower portion. All the buttons have been placed in a certain black section on the upper front part of the same.

It includes but not limited to the power button, voice control button, and menu button. There lies one more prominent volume control button that can be pushed at both the ends. Finally, there is a big circular navigation button. Therefore, the complete look of the remote controller gives a premium feel in hands and can be used comfortably anytime!

It needs two AAA sized batteries. Hence, the remote controller works by consuming the power of batteries that can be installed easily on it. Also, it is recommended to use the controller within eight meters from the device as a standard operating range.

What are the Pros and Cons of WEMAX ONE PRO Projection Machine?

First I am going to list down the best things about the ONE PRO projector. They not only include my noticed ones but also others that I have found from the online reviews and feedbacks of the projector device;

  1. The projector can display sharp and vibrant images on the output screen
  2. A user can get outstanding display performance at nights
  3. It can produce clear colors at daytime.
  4. The projector device can produce thumping sound output but not enough for outdoor use.
  5. It is almost effortless to set up the device for use.
  6. The projector supports active shutter 3D technology.
  7. One button to start wireless on-screen and other functions
  8. Using the projector at economic mode will be going to enhance the life of the internal lamp.
  9. Good picture quality.
  10. Anyone can operate the device with ease.

Now it is the time to reveal the Cons of the projector machine. Here are they as of now;

  1. The user interface is in Chinese so you can use a converter or any other trick to get your job done. Well, people are hoping that with an update this issue will be solved for international consumers of the projector.
  2. The projector is not having zoom functionality.

Why should you Buy WEMAX ONE PRO Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector?

Now I am grouping some of the best points that may be a game changer for you to decide whether the ONE PRO portable laser projector is made for you or not! Here are they;

  • If you use the device for about 8 hours on average daily, then you can use light source provided inside the ONE PRO projector for about eight to nine years.
  • There is a result of a comparison between the power consumption of the WEMAX ONE PRO projector device concerning a 75 inches big sized TV. It has been found out that the former one is much more efficient. After using the ONE PRO for 2 hours continuously the total power consumed by the device is about 216W. It is less as compared to 240W of power that has been absorbed by the large-sized screen TV.
  • The internal cooling system provided inside the ONE PRO projection device works very well to cool the entire machine. But in case of overheating the projector can automatically turn off!
  • You can customize your 3D viewing from the menu bar. The projector supports left and right, up and down that you can set from the 3D settings available inside the playback settings.
  • There are many impressive results of 4K content testing inside the device. It is because One PRO is having less refresh rate of video frames. But since it supports Full HD multimedia content, hence it is worth to watch the details while projecting a 4K picture.

My Review Regarding the WEMAX ONE PRO Projection Device

Let us start my words by sharing with you the details about the supportable multimedia formats of the ONE PRO laser projector. Thus, you can play H.263, MPEG – 1 / 2 / 4, H.264, AVI, H.265, RMVB, RM, and VC – 1 on the projector as compatible video or movie formats.

If you love listening to the songs at your free time then why not listen on ONE PRO projector with its complete sound effects. By the way, you can use any compatible audio file from among MP1, MP3, WAV, MP2, WMA, FLAC, OGG, Dolby Digital, AAC, M4A, and Dolby Digital Plus formats. The WEMAX ONE PRO projector device is compatible to display external subtitles and DVB-T.

Now moving ahead I would like to say something regarding the output display performance of the projector. The contrast within the light and dark colors are vivid. I cannot saw any overexposure of the highlighted portions on the projected pictures. There are natural transitions of the landscape light. The skin texture of the characters on the images look pretty delicate. I am impressed with the gray scale transition effect.

At night hours I found pictures having transparent solid colors to eyes with full transition color and a wide color gamut. In daytime with all curtains open under high surrounding length, the output picture looks built greyish due to the white light effect. The sound output from the ONE PRO projector device is based on high pitch, resilient, and of low accent.


Anybody would like a projection machine that can display a big screen of 100 inches in diagonal size. That too by keeping the device 25 cm away from the wall. Today laser projectors cannot have the automatic trapezoidal correction technology. It is because of their lens and light source, but it will be overcome shortly.

You can smoothly download and access multimedia contents on the ONE PRO device. Due to the availability of a powerful processor with sufficient onboard system memory. ONE PRO is based on optical peak self-developed laser display technology.

No more inconvenience of blocking the screen or wiring by projecting a big screen of size ranging from 80 inches to 150 inches in length. The projector can produce display outputs with the enhanced red light ratio to 16.8%. ONE PRO supports to project 1.07 billion colors on a bid sized projected output display.

The Fresnel optical hard screen can absorb or block the interference surrounding light. Hence, the quality of projected pictures is clear to our eyes with excellent effects. No more damage to our eyes! Grown up children are safe or no severe long-term viewing damages due to the presence of diffuse reflection imaging technology in ONE PRO.

ONE PRO delivers a high price to performance ratio to its users. A piece of art full of charisma and must to have item for entertainment fanatics. WEMAX ONE PRO is a speckle-free and maintenance free product that ensures long service life!

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