Wowoto A5 PRO Review: A Power Packed Tiny LED Projector

Wowoto A5 PRO

Mostly Sunday is a holiday for most of the working Professionals, but in my case, it is not the same! By the way, I love what I do so it is okay for me even if I do not get any holiday even for a month or two. I am discussing this thing with you all because of my recent experience of reviewing a Wowoto A5 PRO Projector device for the first time.

How did I saw the Wowoto A5 PRO for the First Time?

Last Sunday my friend called me to go for a bike ride at 5 O’ clock in the Morning. He is having a famous superbike named as Suzuki Hayabusa. He belongs to a wealthy family, but I always feel kind to spend time with him since he is a nice guy.

So we both spend about two to three hours while riding on his bike in sharing to explore more of the nearby cities of our native place. In the meantime, we planned to have breakfast at a nice Cafe, so we have chosen a café place to take some refreshments before we come back to our homes.

But luckily while taking the breakfast I had noticed there is a TV channel running on a big projector screen. When I head towards the same, I came to know that it is a display from a small-sized Projector machine that can be fit comfortably on our hands.

They have set the projection display of size about 70 inches on an approximately 100-inch projection screen! I was keen to know the model name and brand of the same. Further, I have taken the permission of the management to allow me to check out their projector and do a review.

How I Make it Possible?

Let me clear one thing to you all guys here that this is not to promote any brand or a Projector model. I did not get anything from the Cafe or Projector’s brand to review the same. However, since it is my hobby so I cannot resist myself to spend some time and know about new gadgets especially projector machines.

Unfortunately, the Cafe management did not allow me to review their Product personally. But they helped me to talk with one of their staff person whose responsibility is to take care and control that projector machine.

He told me that it is A5 PRO intelligent mini projector. Luckily I got enough details from his help that I can share with you about the Wowoto A5 PRO projector device and also with my personal viewing experience. Also, I have collected more important information from the internet regarding the A5 PRO portable multimedia projector.

I tried my best to make this review article to clear your every doubt regarding the Projector device. Therefore keep reading this post! Hence, it is not limited to only the features and specifications of the A5 PRO smart small Projector machine.

How is the Look and Design of the A5 PRO Projector Hardware?

A5 Pro Projector is made in entirely rectangular design. At its front side right on the left there lies a lens and the rest part is occupied by vents of the titled line shape. The inner portion of the vents comprises of a net. It helps to avoid any dust or other particles to enter and settle on the internal components of the Projector hardware.

On the left side of the A5 PRO home cinema Projector there lies an adjustment knob to control the focus on the output display object. At the top surface of the Projector to its upper left part their lies a brand impression. And to its right portion, some tiny sized holes are there with few buttons at its bottom. The buttons can help a user to control the essential functions of the A5 PRO smart Projector.

At the bottom surface of the A5 PRO portable office Projector, there are four rubber pads. They are provided to give enough strength to its complete machine to be settled in one place without any possibility of the skid. At the center portion of the same surface there lies a mounting hole to attach the tripod with the A5 PRO Projection machine.

What are the Interface Connectivity Options on the A5 PRO Projector?

On the right side of the A5 PRO Projector device there is a mode selection sliding the knob to power on and off the machine and also to use it at a charging mode. Right at the back side of the A5 PRO small smart Projector device, there are some interface connectivity ports. They are located in a line at the top portion of the same surface.

The interface ports consist of a 3.5mm audio jack, an HDMI port, and a reset arrangement. Also, there lies a Micro SD card slot, a recovery arrangement, a USB port, one more USB port helpful to charge the device. Not only this there lies a remote control sensor, and finally a power input port. The remote controller needs two AAA sized batteries commonly available in the market. It can send signals and work appropriately with the A5 PRO intelligent home Projector machine.

At the bottom portion of the same face there lies some small holes arranged in a line or row. They usually worked as air vents to avoid overheating of the small A5 PRO portable Projector device whenever it is in use.

An Outlook on the Complete Box Packaging of the A5 PRO Projector

As a complete package with the main A5 PRO Projector, you can get many accessories. It includes a power adapter, a user manual, a tripod stand, a USB cable, and a travel pouch or cover. You can also get a remote controller to control nearly all the functions of the A5 Pro mini home theatre Projector device.

The overall weight of the A5 PRO Projector is approximately 0.3 kilograms. Also, the dimensions of theWowoto A5 PRO portable intelligentProjector are about 13.00 cm x 8.00 cm x 2.00 cm. In another way, 5.12 inches x 3.15 inches x 0.79 inches measured as per its length x width x height respectively.

The complete box packaging of the A5 PRO smart multimedia Projector device weights to about 1 kilogram. You can easily carry the main Projector unit with all its accessories in the box from your home to the office and vice versa. It is a quick and convenient option to increase the Productivity of work.

The overall dimensions of the A5 PRO Projector packaging are around 22.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 6.00 cm. Or 8.66 inches x 6.69 inches x 2.36 inches considering the length x width x height of the Projector machine respectively.

What are the Display Specifications and Performance Outputs of the Wowoto A5 PRO Projector?

The A5 PRO portable home Projector can Project a clear display with a maximum brightness limit of up to 500 lumens. You can identify both white and dark colors clearly on the display output screen Projected from the A5 PRO. It can support a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1.

A5 Pro is compatible with Projecting multimedia content that supports 1080P output resolution. An LED lamp provided inside the Projector device can be used for up to 20 thousand hours. Also, there is one good thing that I like about the A5 PRO Projector most.

It is the fact that it works almost like any highly-featured Professional Projector device. After all, the A5 PRO smart office Projector supports different Projection methods. You can take the benefit of it while using the Projector by either hanging it on the roof or placing the same on a table top.

What are the Benefits of using the A5 PRO Projector?

The Projector can be placed between a viewer and the output screen. Also, the A5 PRO small sized cinema Projector device can be set up on the other side of the Projector screen facing towards the same. At the same time, you are also facing towards the output screen placed in between you and Projector device.

The A5 PRO multimedia home Projector can support to display an output Projection of maximum size of around 100 inches and a minimum of 20 inches. You can Project its display either on walls or a big Projection screen. To achieve the same, you need to keep the Projector hardware within a range of about 0.5 to 3m in length from the output Projection object.

A5 Pro home theatre smart Projector can save its output Projection display from being radiated. It is possible due to a desk or any other object the A5 PRO Projector machine is based on a partial axis optical Projection technology. Hence, the complete support of A5 PRO towards picture integrity ensures no more missing parts of the projected pictures.

What are the Basic Hardware Configurations of the A5 PRO Projector?

The following are some of the essential details regarding the hardware specifications of the A5 PRO Projector;

  • The A5 PRO Full HD smart Projector device also consists of 1GB RAM and an internal memory of 16GB.
  • The Wowoto A5 PRO multimedia office Projector is based on an Android operating system that comes with version 5.1.
  • A5 PRO 1080p portable Projector machine can support to Project an output display screen with both aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4: 3.
  • It supports a throw ratio of 1.2:1.
  • The Projector is based on DLP based Projection technology.

  • The A5 PRO smart multimedia Projector hardware can Project a display with a native resolution of 854 x 480P.
  • An internal lithium-ion battery of 2100mAh capacity has been Provided inside the A5 PRO DLP LED Projection hardware.
  • Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth functionality available with the A5 PROProProjector device.
  • You can use an external memory card of about 256GB to increase the overall storage capacity of the Projector device.
  • The A5 PRO multimedia small office Projector works on a power supply of 110-240V.
  • It has a built-in speaker.
  • The noise generated by the internal cooling system of the Projector is measured in between 22-28dB.

What the Convenient Features of the A5 PRO Projector?

You can enjoy Ushare connectivity with the A5 PRO LED portable Projector hardware. Hence, you can have the option to connect your smartphone or PC with the Wowoto A5 PRO projector and do multitasking at the same time. For example, a user can watch movies while chatting with your friends on any social messenger App compatible with the A5 PRO DLP mini Projector.

An inbuilt browser has been provided inside the user interface of the A5 PRO home theatre Projector device. It can help you to surf the internet or search for different sources of entertainment to be projected on a more significant display output. Also, you can find many compatible Apps available on the A5 PRO multimedia home Projection machine. They are there with the ultimate aim to provide the convenience of accessing the right amount of multimedia content.

Install the portable projector anywhere,

You can get all directions keystone correction function of ±45° in the A5 PRO LED 1080p Projector hardware. Thus irrespective of the actual position of the projector setup you can always enjoy watching clear pictures. There are no accidental lurching or loss in the overall output display from the Projector machine.

A user will never face any more network connectivity issue due to the dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n support available inside the A5 PRO LED Projector device. Hence Wowoto A5 PRO projector hardware comprises of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual Wi-Fi band compatibility feature. They are helping to boost the network accession speed of its intelligent Projector machine.

What are the Applications of Wowoto A5 PRO Projector?

The A5 PRO Full HD smart Projector is made for all types of use either it is at home, a Cafe, or an office. You can enjoy a big collection of movies, TV shows, Online Videos or play a selection of multimedia resources those are available with you. You can also connect a gaming console with the A5 PRO 1080p DLP Projector machine and enjoy graphics video games highly.

The Projector is not compatible with Project 3D contents with full effects on a big display output screen. To enjoy watching the photos on a big display, you must have one among .gif, jpeg, .bmp, and .png extension files. Similarly, you can play some audio files available with you in one among AMR, APE, WMV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, and MPEG-1 formats.

The A5 PRO portable home theatre Projector device is ready to Project videos and movies those are based on compatible file formats. It includes MPEG-4, Real Video 8./9/10, MVC, VC-1, H.263, MPEG-1/2, DivX 3/4/5/6, H.264, Google VP8, and H.264/AVC.

A5 Pro portable Projector is a good machine for office use! This statement has been proved by the fact that the Wowoto A5 PRO Projection machine consists of various office software. It includes Word, PPT, InfoPath Filler, OneNote, Publisher, Excel, Access, OneDrive for Business, Outlook, WPS, and many more.

A conclusion of My Review Regarding the Wowoto A5 PRO Projector

Finally, as per what I have seen and got to know about the A5 PRO LED projector with that Cafe staff I can say some words to conclude my review post for the same. The A5 PRO intelligent LED Projector hardware can display a clear and brighter output. It is similar to that of a 60-70 inch LED TV screen in dark environments for sure. Also, the Cafe is using it only on their main dining hall with some dim lights every time.

It can reproduce every color in its display output very well, and I did not find any flickering in its performance at all till the time I was in that Café place. The internal speaker present inside the projector can be sufficient for a small conference or house room. But for a hall, you need to connect the A5 PRO portable cinema projector device with some external speakers same as that I found in that Cafe setup.

Wowoto A5 PRO Review

By the way, the A5 PRO DLP portable home projector hardware is available to buy online at a price of $259. Are you also looking for a projection machine that can do a good job both at your home or office? If yes then Wowoto A5 PRO smart small LED projector hardware is something that you can consider once before buying one!

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