Wowoto Q5 Review: A Modish Lightweight Projector Machine

wowoto Q5 350 ANSI Lumens DLP Projector

Our every day and its experience are valuable! I have realized this fact from one of my past day incidents. I had planned for some other work but luckily got the chance to review a projector device. Therefore, this article is based on my review regarding the Wowoto Q5 projector machine. Thus, kindly read this complete post to get enough idea about the same.

When Did I See the Q5 Projector Hardware for the First Time?

Yesterday I got the responsibility to get the servicing of my uncle’s Car. He is out of the town for some business purpose for about next one month, and his car’s regular servicing is already delayed. So a few days before he asked me to get it done to ensure the proper maintenance of his car on time.

Wowoto Q5 Projector Review

My uncle always prefers to do the servicing of all his vehicles on their respective brand service workshops. I knew the fact that every day there is a rush of vehicles to be serviced. It is because the authorized service center of my uncle’s car is not available in the nearby area.

Therefore, I already planned two days before to get the servicing job done by yesterday. Hence last day I woke up early in the morning got a bath, take the breakfast and head towards the service center in my uncle’s car at around 8 O’ clock.

My Right Decision,

I am happy with my right decision to reach the workshop earlier since vehicles were started lining up to get their servicing done. So I got the fifth number and completed the job sheet regarding the things to be analyzed and fixed in my uncle’s car.

Next, they have informed me about the details that the process will take around two to three hours to get the complete servicing done of the car. Therefore, they further requested me to wait in their guest’s area.

Wowoto Q5 DLP Review

The service center is too far away from my home so it would be a waste to come back and go again for a matter of two to three hours. Hence I finally decided to take a walk around that service workshop and also will sit and spend the remaining time in their waiting hall.

Hence, after spending about an hour wandering here and there at that service workshop finally, I had a rest on their waiting room. There I saw some newspapers, the facility of drinking water with a purifier and a projector’s display on a wall.

I Got the Chance to Review the Wowoto Q5 Projector

Yes, finally I got something on the car service center that made my day! I have check out the display performance of that projector machine there itself for about one and a half hours and further noted down about the same. But it is not sufficient for me to write this review article about a projector machine.

Hence, I decided to discuss the same with the manager of that workshop and get the permission to do some hands-on with the projector. I came to know that it is Q5 smart multimedia projector device from the house of Wowoto.

Fortunately, he allowed me the same. So even after the car has been ready to deliver but still, I spent about half an hour more on that workshop waiting area. I have noted down every single detail about the Wowoto Q5 projector and anything else that can be possible to note down in such a small time interval.

Also after parking the car back to my uncle’s house and informing him about the same, I came back to my home. After that, once I reached my home, the first thing that I had done is to collect some more details about the Q5 projector that I saw in the workshop waiting lobby. Finally, I got enough details about the Wowoto intelligent portable Q5 projector machine that I can share with you all in the next section. So let us start!

What are the Display Features of the Q5 Projector Hardware?

The internal Lamp of the Q5 home cinema projector hardware is based on LED light technology. The device can support to deliver an output screen with a maximum brightness of 350 lumens. The Q5 small office projector machine can help to project the more prominent output display having a maximum contrast ratio of 1000:1.

You can use the Lamp of Q5 smart projector for up to twenty thousand hours without being affecting the eyes even after watching the same for long hours. So finally no worries if you are always dreaming of watching about more than three movies every Sunday but afraid about the health of your eyes.

You can install the Q5 home mini projector at a distance of about 0.5 meters to 3 meters from the output display object either it is a projection screen or wall. As a result, using Wowoto Q5 portable projector, you can achieve big display output screens using of size ranging from 20 inches to 100 inches.

It is based on DLP based projection technology. You will get a maximum throw ratio of 1.2:1. The Q5 intelligent multimedia projector works on a native resolution of 850 x 480. But no worries since the projector can display a clear output with a maximum resolution of 1080P. The Q5 home theater small projector hardware can display an output screen in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

How is the Complete Design of the Q5 Projector Device?

The Q5 DLP smart projector machine has got a unique design. There is an impressive fact regarding the hardware designing of the Q5 projector device. It is based on the design in which its top and back surfaces are merged. There is only one power button at the upper portion of the Q5 home 1080p projector hardware and two rows of air vents on both the corners of the same surface.

The front face of the Wowoto Q5 projector machine has a lens. It has been located at the upper right corner of the same surface and a designed mesh of holes probably for sound output at its left portion. At the below part on the front surface of the Q5 projector there is an indicator switch and at its left there lies a Wowoto brand impression.

What are the Interface Connectivity Options on Q5 Projection Hardware?

The left side of the Q5 intelligent Full HD projector is entirely black. Lastly, on the right side of the projector device, there are some air vents. In between the same you can also get some interface ports to connect the Q5 hardware with external multimedia devices.

Q5 LED home projector hardware includes a DC input port, a USB port, a 3.5 mm jack, a remote controller sensor, and a micro SD card slot. Also at the top portion, there is a vertical knob to adjust the focus of the output projection of the Q5 projector machine.

At the bottom of the Q5 DLP office projector, there are four smaller rubber pads. They are integrated at the diagonally opposite sides at the four corners of the projector machine. It helps the projector hardware to be settled in one place and can avoid any slip even if you place it on a glass table or any slippery surface.

Also, at the center of the bottom part of the Q5 multimedia Full HD projector there lies a small hole. It is helpful to attach the projector device with a tripod and use it as per requirement either on your home or office.

What are the Basic Specifications of the Q5 Projector?

The Q5 LED cinema projector is based on Android 5.1 Operating System. Q5 portable projection machine consists of 1GB RAM and an internal memory ROM chip of 8GB. The Wowoto Q5 small smart projector hardware includes of the internal audio system. In other words, merely to say speakers that delivers a pretty good projector sound output.

The internal cooling system provided with the Q5 multimedia DLP projector device is all set to work silently. As a result, it produces less noise as compared to many portable projectors available in the market. The company is claiming that the Q5 intelligent LED projector is capable of working with noise measured in less than 28dB. No External subtitle and DVB-T support features are available in the Q5 projector machine.

To ensure wireless network connectivity the Q5 home theater portable projector has Wi-Fi feature based on 802.11 a/n/g/b. However, it does not support Bluetooth connectivity. The Q5 projector hardware can be used on a regular power supply of available 110-240V. Q5 Full HD multimedia projector is having an inbuilt lithium battery of size 2100mAh capacity.

The net weight of the Q5 projector device is around 0.2 kilogram. Its complete dimension measures to approximately 2.95 inches x 2.56 inches x 2.17 inches. Or 7.50 cm x 6.50 cm x 5.50 cm measured as per the length, width, and height respectively of the Wowoto Q5 cinema DLP projector hardware.

What all Multimedia Files you can Project using Q5 Projector?

If I have to share something about the supportable image extensions, then a user can project one among the .gif, .jpeg, .bmp, and .gif file formats on Q5. You can play video files on Q5 1080p home projector machine those are based on all the commonly available formats. It includes MPEG-1/2, DivX 3/4/5/6, MPEG-4, Real Video 8/9/10, MVC, H.264, Google VP8, H.263, VC-1, H.264/AVC.

Further, if we talk about the Q5 projector’s compatible audio formats, then you can play AAC, FLAC, OGG, MPEG-1, AAC, FLAC, OGG, and MPEG-1. There is no 3D, and 4K support available on the Q5 office LED projector hardware.

What Are All Things inside the Box Packaging of Q5 Projector?

You can easily handle the box packaging supplied by the company. It consists of Wowoto Q5 smart small projector device inside with all its needful accessories. I am saying this because of the overall weight of the Box packaging with all the components inside the same, and it is around 0.7 kilogram. The size of the total box packaging of Q5 multimedia LED projector machine is about 7.64 inches x 6.85 inches x 2.99 inches. Or 19.40 cm x 17.40 cm x 7.60 cm as per its length, width, and height respectively.

By the way, with the central Q5 projector unit you will get a power cable, a power adapter, a remote controller, and an EU plug as a complete package. If we discuss the remote controller supplied with the Q5 DLP home projector device, then it has only about seven to eight buttons. There are also four directional buttons on the same.

Like the Q5 Full HD intelligent projector hardware, it is also made of all white. The button includes a power, back, home, menu, volume up, volume down, etc. buttons to give commands to the Q5 portable home projector device. The remote controller needs two AAA batteries to work fine and control the functions of the Q5 projector machine.

The Bottom Line Concerning the Q5 Projector Device

The best thing that I do personally like about the Q5 home theater projector device is its style of design. It is almost looking like a toy on a table. Well, it is the time to conclude anything about the performance of the Wowoto Q5 smart multimedia projector hardware. I will share with you all some facts regarding whatever I have experienced about the Q5 home portable projector machine. Everything that I have experienced with the projector on that workshop waiting lobby.

First of all the display quality of the Q5 1080p, DLP projector device is looking all good. They have set the projection screen of size around 50 inches that has been projected on a wall of that waiting hall. The color reproduction of the Q5 projector machine is good. I can see brighter pictures and do not find any whiteness in the display output. But I cannot say anything for now about the performance of the Q5 smart LED projector hardware under large screen sized outputs.

Setup your Home Theater

The second thing that I would like to talk about the Q5 intelligent projection machine is its good audio output. Even the workshop guys have not attached any external speakers with the Q5 home cinema projector unit, and I can hear its audio output.

However, if we will consider the Q5 for home theater needs then definitely a user need to attach some good quality additional speakers. It can help to boost the overall sound effects of the Q5 Full HD portable projector device.

At last, let me share with you all about the cost of the Q5 projector device. The Wowoto Q5 portable intelligent projector is available to buy at an approximate price of $300. After all, Q5 is a portable projection machine with a unique appearance. I am sure about one thing that Q5 smart DLP LED projector hardware can be used conveniently both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

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