XGIMI A1 Pro Review: A Premium Laser Projector with Rich Features

XGIMI A1 Pro Review

Buying a Premium projector that can match with the entertainment needs of a complete family is a tough Job. We can search for them on online e-commerce platforms or even local markets. You will find a variety of projector models that can thoroughly confuse you. However, at that time you only need to focus on choosing one that fulfills your requirements. Hence, this article is dedicated to the details of one such projector from the house of XGIMI. Keep reading this post till the end since I am going to share with you my latest XGIMI A1 Pro projector review.

How is the Display Performance of the XGIMI A1 Pro Projector?

The A1 Pro smart laser projector machine works at a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It can display output at a standard brightness of 3500 lumens. You can experience clear visuals and rich level of pictures on the projected output due to the HDR10 video decoding technology. A1 pro intelligent multimedia projector hardware supports a throw ratio of 0.252:1.

As per the manufacturers, A1 pro laser TV projector has a maintenance-free laser light source inside the same and can be used for about ten years. One among the best benefits of using a laser projector is the fact that you will hardly face any loss in the brightness. Also, there is hardly any fading issues in its display even after using the A1 pro home theater premium projector device for a long time.

You only need to keep the A1 pro projector at a distance of about 25 cm away from a projection screen or a wall to get a big sized output screen of size 100 inches. A1 pro office laser TV projector machine can display well defined natural pictures. The device produces vivid color reproduction on the output display screen as per the color contrast in the source picture.

You can confidently use the A1 pro smart cinema projector device in daylight as well. After all, it can reduce the effect of surrounding ambient light to about 90 percent as compared to others. All with an ultimate aim to project a brighter output display.

How is the Hardware Design of the XGIMI A1 Pro Projector?

The outer body of A1 pro movie night premium projector hardware is made up of anodized aluminum and based on a micro-arc design. A most interesting fact about its design is the base of the A1 pro smart home projector device that is made of wood like texture. It not only adds to the premium look but also can be adjusted easily in your home and office.

A big machine needs the big arrangement to dissipate the internal residual heat! The same thing is correct in case of A1 pro intelligent home projector machine. It has some large size air vents provided on the back side of its hardware to disperse the heated air from its internal components. It makes sure that the XGIMI A1 pro laser TV multimedia projector hardware can be used for a long time without any possibility of overheating.

Interface Connectivity Options

Right above the air vents on the back side of the A1 pro stylish home theater projector device there lies some interface ports provided in a row. It includes but not limited to a USB 2.o port, two USB 3.0 ports, and three HDMI 2.0 ports (compatible with ARC).

There are also a power supply port and a micro USB port that works as input interface ports for the A1 pro multimedia laser projection machine. If we discuss the output connectivity interface options, then we have an Ethernet wired network port, and an optical fiber or S/PDIF port.

You can receive the better impact of sound effects from the internal stereo system of the A1 pro office projector. It is because the manufacturers have used moving speakers inside the A1 pro intelligent projector hardware.

Not only the A1 pro smart cinema projector device but its remote controller as well delivers a superior look. Its operation is straightforward with limited buttons on its front face and an XGIMI brand impression provided on the lower side. The most impressive thing about the remote is its back is made of all black mirror-like approach. Overall the remote controller is very sensitive and responds faster.

How is the User Interface of the A1 Pro Projector?

A1 pro home theater laser TV projector is based on GMUI 3.0 intelligent operating system adopted from Android 6.0. You can smoothly operate the user interface of the A1 pro advanced multimedia projection device. It is easy to access the supportable Apps and desired multimedia content.

I said intelligent to XGIMI A1 Pro home laser projector hardware. It is primarily because the projector’s software can automatically log and filter out the personal choices of a user. It is possible by noticing the watch history and recommending all such content directly on the Homepage of a user.

Not only the movies but the system is also having an excellent collection of TV programs to spend spare time. You can also download Apps and contents that you would like to use in the A1 pro smart cinema projector machine.

Enjoy Updated Entertainment Resources Everytime

If you are having an iOS or Android gadget, then you can pair them with the A1 pro projector. It can help you to project a significant display output of your small screens in a few seconds that too wirelessly. Take the benefit of the A1 pro intelligent office projector’s user interface to get some idea regarding the same and make your job easier.

Are you do not want to waste time in searching for your favorite movie? Is yes then there will be hardly any better option other than directly giving a voice command to the projector to find and play the movie in no time.

Yes, it is possible due to DuerOS support of A1 pro laser TV cinema projector hardware. It is an AI system based on Baidu’s voice or dialog recognition system. The system responds fast almost like searching for the desired content on a search engine and gives an excellent experience to its users.

What are the Hardware Specifications of the A1 Pro Projector?

The net dimensions of the A1 pro smart projector are 765 mm × 396 mm × 174.5 mm measured concerning the length, width, and height of the A1 pro respectively. The overall weight of the A1 pro advanced multimedia projector machine is 21 kg. Yes, it is bit heavy gadget to carry from one place to another, so it is better to use the A1 pro in home or office by installing it at a proper fixed location.

It is based on DLP based projection technology using a 0.65 DMD chipset. The XGIMI A1 Pro home theater stylish projector device can deliver output in a different contrast ratio lies within a range of 8001:1 to 10000:1. The A1 pro projector is compatible with DLNA and Airplay as a multi-screen interaction features.

The projector consists of a 1.7GHz 64-bit Mstar 6A938 quad-core processor system (Cortex A53x2+A72x2). There lies a GPU chipset as well of Mali-T820 MP3 inside the A1 pro intelligent home projector hardware. It supports to project an output display with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Brighter Display and Enough Memory

There is a high remittance coating provided on the lens of the projector. You can generally view an output display with a native brightness of 2850 ANSI lumens. The A1 pro home theater cinema projector machine can support 82.9% of NTSC color gamut with 120% of off axis.

It consists of 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory. It will make sure that you can enjoy graphics movies highly without any issues. Not only this you can also do multitasking without bothering about the memory consumption of A1 pro smart laser projector device. That too with proper support of having a satisfactory large sized ROM to store enough multimedia content for your all family members.

The projector works on a fixed focus zoom factor. The total power consumed but the projector device is 280-330W. A1 pro multimedia laser projector hardware works within a noise limit of 33dB and needs a good power supply of 100-240V at 50/60Hz.

What are the Impressive Features of the XGIMI A1 Pro Projector?

You can project a big screen of various sizes ranging from 30 inches to 300 inches to be measured in diagonal length. However, the recommended distance to keep the A1 pro home theater cinema projector device from the display object is 29 cm. It can help you to enjoy the maximum benefits of watching a projector screen.

The projector can identify and can display a maximum of 10,700 million colors. A1 pro smart home projector machine is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity version 4.0. Hence, it is based on BLE that consumes less power while in action.

You can also connect the A1 pro with Wi-Fi network. After all, it has dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity support of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and supportive 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. The A1 pro night cinema indoor projector hardware has vertical keystone correction functionality.

Completely Safe for our Eyes

The A1 pro intelligent laser TV projector hardware is based on an advanced eye protection technology. It activates whenever any person or a child get near the projector device. XGIMI A1 Pro smart, stylish projector device can dim its output projection light to save the eyes from hitting with strong laser rays. It is possible all because of an infrared sensing technology that continuously works on the A1 pro projector to make this possible.

You can use the lamp inside the A1 pro advance laser projector machine for up to 30000 hours. You can enjoy watching iQiyiMango TV. A1 pro is compatible to project both 2K and 4K compatible multimedia content on a big display with complete details.

What All Stuffs you will Get as a Complete Package?

As a complete package the XGIMI is supplying an instruction manual. There are two dedicated 3D support glasses with the XGIMI A1 pro home projector. It also includes a Kiwi VIP member season card. Not only this there is also a power cable, and a remote controller with all metal design. The remote works on Bluetooth connectivity.

You will also get a Mango TV VIP membership card, and a USB charging cable for the remote controller. The package also includes a VIP certificate for after sales service from the manufacturing company. At last but not the least the package consists of a laser light supportable curtain of 100 inches. It can supports a display of 16:9 aspect ratio.

Therefore, XGIMI can do justice to the cost price of the projector machine. After all, its official box packaging consists of many helpful things that will for sure save our cost to buy any further accessories. The overall box packaging weight of the A1 pro home theater laser projector device is about 27 kilograms. Also, it sizes to approximately 943 mm x 520 mm x 318 mm regarding its length, width, and height respectively.

The Bottom Line

The official market price of the A1 pro-intelligent multimedia projector is 29999 to 39999 Yuan’s. Of course, it is a bit on the higher side but as I said before this post is based on my review of a premium class smart projector device. So if you have enough budget, then I would recommend you to go for A1 pro premium laser projector hardware. Enjoy the quality performance that you will get for sure in any premium segment multimedia gadget.

XGIMI A1 Pro is an advanced version of the well-known XGIMI A1 Full HD ultra-short throw laser TV projector. Not only the features but the successor has also adopted many similarities from the overall design of the A1 projector machine.

It is the time to summarize everything. I would like to say that both the display and sound output performance of the XGIMI A1 pro projector works excellent. You will not face any glitches in color drift on the output display. A1 pro as a laser projector will not be going to take much space from the output display object while installing the same. It helps you to avoid any light from disturbing you while using a projector machine!

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