XGIMI CC Aurora review: portable home theater cube

The new XGIMI CC Aurora video projector is not there to replace the H1 which remains more topical than ever in the high end. The Aurora CC is targeting the portable projector market and XGIMI’s answer is off the beaten path!

In short, the XGIMI CC Aurora is a portable, battery-powered video projector with native 720p HD resolution, full connectivity, and a premium audio system. Running under ANDROID and connected, it is a multimedia station all in one.


The XGIMI CC Aurora is so cute and well finished. It comes in the form of a cube of 138 x 135 x 119mm weighing 1.5 kg of light-colored color. A black version is also in the catalog.

At the front, the projection optics are protected by a removable hatch covered with fabrics that also serves as a switch.

The connection is located in the back easily accessible. It consists of an HDMI 2.0 socket, two USB-2 sockets to which must be added wireless management Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is also a 3.5MM headphone jack.

Five sensor buttons are located above the battery level LEDs.

Your means of control will preferably be the small Bluetooth remote control provided.

This model, very compact with use of a LR03 battery. Like the H1, Xgimi has planned a gyroscopic mode (mouse) that activates via a button. It will be particularly useful with the built-in Android system. You can still connect a mouse or keyboard if you wish.

Given the compactness, you will understand that the power supply unit remains external. This is a block that has the merit of using a standard three-core cable. The manufacturer delivers a US cable with an all-country adapter. If you only use it in Europe, I advise replacing the cable delivered for a few euros.

Simple to implement

There are many similarities between the XGIMI H1’s embedded system and the new Aurora CC. When the power is turned on, the projector displays a wizard. He then guides you in the configuration. This is an opportunity to discover that the Aurora CC offers an electric focus with automatic focus which ensures a perfect point.

During the installation, you will be offered to download an application for your smartphone. It offers management and diffusion of media. It’s a little more of the brand.

A portable home theater


Talking about home theater with a portable HD projector is ambitious. And yet we must recognize the CC Aurora a set of advantage that no competitor offers.

Its native resolution is HD 720P (1280 × 720). Given the target and technical constraints, it’s difficult to criticize where portable projectors are confined to 854 x 480. The Aurora CC projector is equipped with a 0.3 “Texas Instruments DMD chip.

There is, which can be surprised, no mechanical lens shift processes to correct the shape of the image. Xgimi offers its famous electronic trapezoid correction system. Without being perfect, because digital, it gives the opportunity to broadcast even without being in the perfect axis. A good point again.

The positioning of the projector determines the basic size of the projection. This is a 1: 1 ratio related to the lack of zoom. At 2 meters the base screen will be 2 meters (diagonal 90 inches in 16: 9) This distance is what I recommend to the biggest. The maximum announced by the manufacturer is 120 inches diagonally.

From a subjective point of view, the image quality is excellent especially sharp side and sharpness. The colors and contrast are good.


The manufacturer announces 350 ANSI Lumen. This is a real measure that cannot be compared to Chinese ANSI Lumen. With 350 lumens ANSI the projection is possible with a slight penumbra.

The light source is composed of three Osram LEDs. They ensure an almost infinite life to the projector (30000 hours!) And also a great comfort of use (no heating thus reduced ventilation, extinction without precaution) and absence of rainbow effect.


A claw JBL front announces the color level audio. The Aurora CC is like the big brother a multimedia projector with audio speakers. The projector incorporates two 40mm speakers with a passive diaphragm to reproduce the bass.

Its audio system JBL is powerful for a mobile product, a notch below the H1 but well above all that exists in video projector of this nature. To the point that the manufacturer has planned a use in Bluetooth mobile speaker, without the need to turn on the projector.

The Xigimi CC Aurora is incredibly quiet, even more than the already excellent H1 in this matter.

A projector all in one

Like classic projector videos, the XGIMI CC Aurora accepts FULL HD sources as input, but also receives 4K signals via its HDMI jack. It is also compatible 3D (Blu-ray and files) with compatibility with glasses DLP-Link easy to get for less than 30 €.

Operating system

Its internal system is based on ANDROID. GMUI is a user interface based on a fairly old Android, Android 5.1.1. Old because probably related to the type of embedded SoC that must not have new compatible versions.

GMUI offers wide tiles on the side and smaller shortcuts to other ANDROID apps. XGIMI installs basic YOUTUBE, CHROME, a file browser/media player, an APTOIDE TV application market, its smartphone takeover application and what to start sharing via AIRPLAY for iPhones.

It is possible to install other Android applications via APTOIDE or via APK to start with KODI. This software sublimates the use of this portable video projector in local multimedia playback, local network or streaming. However, I have the same frustration as when testing the XGIMI H1. The ANDROID system of the CC AURORA does not have the DRM which would allow operating Molotov TV, MYCANAL or NETFLIX in HD. The latter only works in a simple definition.

The Wi-Fi network is less efficient than on the H1. It will be necessary to be sure to be in a good coverage area.


With the AURORA CC, XGIMI has found the point of balance between portability and quality. Portability given the size but also to consider its superb autonomy of more than 5 hours. Quality because of its well-defined image, its manufacture and its silence in use.

Coupled with its multimedia system based on Android and JBL speakers, the promise of a portable mini home theater is at the rendezvous.

The Aurora CC will also broadcast your PowerPoint projections from your laptop if you are looking for another excuse to crack. I tested with my surface with an input in 4K30 Hz. During the day, with the luminosity set on office, the result is good. As it’s an Android, it will even be possible to go on stand-alone programs like Kingsoft Office delivered without the need for a PC.




  • Portable
  • More than 5 hours of autonomy
  • Bright projection
  • High definition


  • Issues with OS
  • Weak Wi-Fi connection

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