XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6: 13 Physiognomies to Compare the Projectors

XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 reviews

This post is based on clearing the doubts of some people. Those who are generally got confused while choosing the best projector device from among the available choices of the same Brand. You might have also faced it before not necessary while buying a projector but any other electronic gadget as well! Now to compare the two projectors of the same brand I have chosen the two awarded projection models of XGIMI. It is XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 with a hope that people might get confused about selecting one among them.

Therefore, in this post, I am going to do a faceoff between the two award-winning XGIMI projector devices. XGIMI H2 smart multimedia projector is based on the H1 design, which won 2017 iF Design Award, the Reddot Award, and CES Innovation Award. XGIMI is working on H2 for around two years to improve its usability and performance. And a new XGIMI Z6 intelligent portable projector that is a 2018 Reddot award winner.

My Recent Results of Faceoff Between the two XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 Projectors

I got both the H2 and Z6 projector devices to do a faceoff between them with the help of a local dealer of XGIMI projectors. He is my friend and hardly refuses me to provide the sample models of my desired electronic devices to review or compare whenever I ask him. Also a few times he even takes my help to note the actual performance details about a product and inform him so that he can save some time from his work.

Following are the 13 different aspects based on which we can compare the performance of the H2 and Z6 projector devices. Keep reading this post since I will finalize the winner among both the projectors at the end. It is based on the point that I am going to assign to the projector model that can impress me in performing well as per specific criteria. So let us get started;

1. Processor:

XGIMI H2: The XGIMI H2 home theatre projector has an internal 1.75GHz quad-core Mstar 6A838 Cortex-A53 64 bits processor chip. H2 smart multimedia projector works smoother since XGIMI has also provided a GPU of Mali-820 MP4 inside the same hardware.

XGIMI Z6: One 64 bits 6A838 Cortex-A53 quad-core central processing chip has been used inside the Z6 projector hardware. XGIMI Z6 small cinema projector also does consists of a Mali-T820 Graphical processing chip.

Verdict: Here as you see above both the H2 and Z6 projector devices of XGIMI are having the same processing chipsets. Therefore, again it is a tie between both the projector devices.

2. Price:

XGIMI H2: The Net cost of XGIMI H2 smart home projector device lies within a range of approximately $900-$1000 maximum.

XGIMI Z6: You can buy the XGIMI small intelligent Z6 projection machine at a discounted price of about $569.99.

Verdict: Regarding the pricing, XGIMI Z6 projector is cheaper as compared to XGIMI H2. Thus, if we consider a budget-friendly projector model in between XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 devices, then I can give one point to the Z6 projector.

3. Display:

XGIMI H2: It can project a bigger output display with a maximum brightness of up to 1350 ANSI Lumens. There are many other exciting features of XGIMI H2 home theatre projector. Together they can enhance the quality of its display output while projecting the same either on walls or a projection screen.

The H2 projector is also having 16 Image Quality Improved Technology and Variable Aperture features. xgimi H2 projector device can support a maximum throw ratio of 1.2:1. The H2 projector is based on TI DLP technology using 0.47″ DMD display chip and OSRAM RGB-LED.

The XGIMI H2 smart portable projector can display Full HD pictures on bigger screen output. Not limited to this the H2 projection device can also support to project multimedia files. Primarily those are based on higher resolutions like 2k and 4k to get detailed pictures.

The maximum contrast ratio that H2 1080p multimedia projector hardware can support is about 20000:1. You can also project 3D contents on a big screen output while enjoying its effects with the help of an H2 projector.

XGIMI Z6: The XGIMI Z6 small home theatre projector is based on an LED lamp as a source of projection light. Also, its lamp can be used for more than 30 thousand hours. It supports a maximum contrast ratio of 4001:1. Z6 device adopts USA TI Newest DLP projection technology with a native resolution of 1920x1080ppi.

However, the projector can project a maximum display of 4k resolution. You can project a big output display of size ranging from 30 to 300 inches in length with XGIMI Z6 DLP 4k projector. It is possible by setting up the projector at a distance of 2m to 3m from the output projection wall or screen.

You can enhance the output projected display of Z6 projector hardware by 1.2 times the normal one. You can achieve an output display having a throw ratio of 1.2:1 with the Z6 multimedia DLP projection machine.

Complete Home Theater Projector,

The XGIMI Z6 device can support to project both the screen aspect ratios of 16:9 and 4:3 on the output display. You can see clear pictures on a bigger screen with the maximum brightness capability of the Z6 projector, i.e. of 700 ANSI lumens. The XGIMI Z6 LED intelligent projector’s bulb consumes a total power of 36W.

Z6 can also help you to experience the 3D effects on a big projection display. Not just this, there is an active shutter 3D vision technology in the XGIMI Z6 home theatre Full HD projector. You can convert your favorite 2D videos into 3D mode and enjoy the new experience of watching the same.

Verdict: We observed the display configurations regarding both of our competitor projector devices above! After comparing H2 and Z6, everything seems nearly the same other than the display Brightness. So by considering a brighter display output, I would like to give 1 point to the XGIMI H2 home cinema projector.

4. Intelligence:

XGIMI H2: The XGIMI H2 DLP LED projector can automatically control many helpful processes. They are useful in dealing with various settings of a projector display to get the desired output. The H2 projection device can automatically control the focus of the display, and lens cover. It also possesses a one critical smart auto keystone correction functionality of 45 °. The XGIMI H2 smart LED projector works equally both for horizontal and vertical adjustments full support.

XGIMI Z6: It is based on OSRAM LED technology using the newest RGB quad channels optical path design to view all the real colors in the output. The XGIMI Z6 DLP 4k projector can automatically correct the trapezoidal correction. It is 40° both for horizontal and vertical adjustments.

A fast autofocus function and highly sensitive HD camera lens can help you to set up and start using the Z6 projector machine within seconds. It makes sure that your eyes will be free from any direct projection light due to the presence of diffuse reflection imaging technology.

Verdict: What do you think who can be the winner among XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 in this area? For me it is Z6. So 1 point for XGIMI Z6 3D LED projector.

5. Advance Features:

XGIMI H2: The XGIMI H2 intelligent DLP projector is designed with many of the modern advanced features. It can help its users to gain more efficiency in using the product with ample convenience. The H2 home cinema projector includes HDR10 decoding technology. It ensures the user of the presence of support dark field bright levelling in the XGIMI H2 projector hardware.

You cannot find any jump frames and smear in the output pictures of the H2 device due to the Motion Compensation Technology. The H2 4k DLP projector is also based on Motorized Lens Sliding Door for the lens, Pole Meter AI, and In-built Iris Diaphragm.

XGIMI Z6: It supports HDR decoding technology. XGIMI Z6 3d projector also features the frame interpolation algorithms for motion compensation. Z6 can increase the fidelity and clarity in the dynamic pictures helpful to watch any sports events or playing high-end games.

The Z6 smart 4k LED projector can support external subtitles. You can get sharp and clear text outputs since the Z6 projection machine has adopted a 27 PET/ square pixel structure. It can make the edges of pictures natural and smother in comparison to diamond shaped pixels.

Verdict: I have compared the total number of advanced features available in both the H2 and Z6 projector devices. The winner here should be XGIMI H2 multimedia 4k projector. Therefore, one up for H2.

6. Connectivity:

XGIMI H2: The XGIMI H2 4k 3D projector is having an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI ARC port, a USB 2.0 port, a 3.5 mm jack port, and a SPDIF output port. There is also a facility to ensure an excellent wired and wireless network connectivity on H2 projector device. It is possible with an Ethernet port and a WiFi feature respectively.

Wi-Fi feature in the XGIMI H2 smart LED projector can support dual bands 2.4/5GHz with supportive 802.11 a/g/ac/b/n respectively. And not to forget the H2 multimedia DLP projector device can also do support Bluetooth 4.0/BLE connectivity.

XGIMI Z6: It includes a DC port, a Headphone/Microphone Jack, an HDMI port, and a USB port. You can also take the benefit of connecting the XGIMI Z6 smart DLP projector with the network using dual-band Wi-Fi, i.e. 2.4GHz+ 5GHz 802.11 b/n/a/ac.

You can use the Z6 projector as a standalone speaker or connect it with external multimedia devices. It is possible with using the Bluetooth 4.0 feature provided on XGIMI Z6 home theatre LED projector.

Verdict: I can find the difference in the number of interface ports available in the H2 and Z6 projector devices. So my choice is XGIMI H2 intelligent 3D projector with one point to it.

7. Sound:

XGIMI H2: It consists of the in-built dual-way symmetrical passive bass diaphragm. They are of 45mm full channels subwoofer speaker unit customised stereo system by Harman/Kardon. There are many improvements in the overall sound quality of the XGIMI

H2 intelligent LED projector. It includes more great volume, middle-tone, more precise treble, and a heavy Bass. All in all, you can get highly rich sound effects while watching your favourite movies on the XGIMI H2 smart 4K projector.

XGIMI Z6: You can almost experience theatre-quality sound output from the internal speakers of the XGIMI Z6 3D LED projector. They have been optimised by Harman Kardon and customised to offer accurate and vibrant superior sound output.

Verdict: Let us be practical here when I listened to the sound outputs from both H2 and Z6 projector devices I got almost the same effects. But even if I have to choose one among XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6, then I will go for XGIMI H2 DLP 3D projector with one winning point to it for better sound output.

8. Operating System:

XGIMI H2: The XGIMI H2 multimedia LED projector consists of a version 6 based Android operating system. It comes with a GMUI 3.0 user interface built on the same. You can get an English translated firmware if you are not familiar with its default Chinese one.

XGIMI Z6: The XGIMI portable home cinema Z6 projector do comes with the same newer GMUI 3.0 based version 6 Android operating system.

Verdict: Here both the H2 and Z6 projectors are based on the same operating system and user interfaces. Hence one all point for both of our XGIMI competitor projection devices.

9. Memory:

XGIMI H2: Both the primary and secondary memories provided in the XGIMI H2 DLP LED projector are sufficient enough for a projector device. It can store and display large files at any time with convenience. The H2 home theatre projector hardware consists of a DDR3 RAM of 2GB and internal storage of 16GB eMMC.

XGIMI Z6: The Company is providing an internal DDR3 RAM of 2GB memory with internal storage of 8GB eMMC inside the XGIMI Z6 3D 4K projector device.

Verdict: I hope you have also noted the difference between the secondary memory capacities of H2 and Z6 projectors. Here the winner should be XGIMI H2 intelligent multimedia projector so 1 point to it.

10. Packaging Contents:

XGIMI H2: The company is supplying a user manual, a power cable, a power adapter, and a Bluetooth enabled remote controller with XGIMI H2 projector. The remote can be used using two AAA batteries not provided with the H2 home theatre portable projector device.

XGIMI Z6: The Box packaging of the XGIMI Z6 small intelligent projector includes a remote controller. After all, its remote needs two AAA batteries not supplied in the package, a power plug, and a power cable with the main projection unit.

Verdict: Regarding package contents, you will get the same number of accessories in both the XGIMI H2 and XGIMI Z6 projector machines. So 1 point to both of out competitor devices.

11. Handiness:

XGIMI H2: The overall dimensions of the XGIMI H2 3D 4K projector measures to about 8 x 8 x 5.3 inches as per the length x width x height of the projector hardware. Also, the net weight of the H2 projector device is about 5.51 pounds.

XGIMI Z6: The XGIMI Z6 smart LED projector needs a constant power supply of 110 – 240V at 50 – 60Hz to work at its best. Z6 projection hardware can hardly produce an output noise with less than 32dB. The size of the Z6 DLP small projector measures to around 19.30 x 19.30 x 4.80 cm / 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.89 inches as per its length x width x height respectively.

Also, the main feature that can prove the fact that Z6 projector device is completely portable is its weight of around 0.79 kg. Not just this if we talk about the handiness of its box packaging then it weights to about 2 kg. The XGIMI Z6 home theatre cinema projector sizes to around 25.00 x 7.00 x 25.00 cm / 9.84 x 2.76 x 9.84 inches regarding W x H x L respectively.

Verdict: The result is clear about who will be the winner among XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 projector regarding handiness. So I will give one point to XGIMI Z6 3D LED projector device.

12. Design:

XGIMI H2: The design of the XGIMI H2 smart LED projector is almost like a cube with rounded corners. It has been formed as a blend of black and greyish colors. The top and bottom of the H2 3D 4K projector hardware are entirely black while the rest part is finished with sleek grey. At the bottom of the H2 projector device, some legs can help the device to stay in one position and avoid any slip.

At the front part of H2, there is a lens provided on the upper right side of the same projector device. There is a brand impression of Harman/Kardon on the left side of XGIMI H2 smart DLP projector. You can see tiny air mesh in all the lower sides of the H2 multimedia LED projector for both heat dissipation and sound output.

XGIMI Z6: The overall design and look of the XGIMI Z6 home theatre LED projector is very stylish. Its sober, rectangular design with curved corners is something to notice. There are not much manual control options provided inside the Z6 multimedia 3D projector hardware.

The outer body of the Z6 projector device is made up of ABS material. Z6 is based on a highly aesthetic integrated design to avoid any dust or lens ware problems from happening efficiently. It is possible due to the ware-resisting high transparency coated glass provided to enclose the lens of the XGIMI Z6 4K LED projector.

Verdict: If I you ask me about the better-designed product among both the H2 and Z6 projectors then for me I would choose XGIMI Z6 in comparison to XGIMI H2. So one point to Z6 home cinema intelligent projector device.

13. Entertainment:

XGIMI H2: With the help of XGIMI H2 smart LED projector, you can enjoy watching many entertainment options. It includes Google Play, Youtube, Aptoide, Netflix, CBS, Kodi, HBO, QuickSupport, and Hulu Services. Also, you can set up LiveTV.Direct service on the H2 home theatre portable projector.

The XGIMI H2 projector hardware can allow all standard user interface ports to connect the external device. Thus, you can play many multimedia file extensions on the H2 multimedia 4K 3D projector. Therefore, you can enjoy watching more than thousands of TV channels and uncountable Movies on the H2 projector hardware.

XGiMI Z6: You can watch nearly all types of multimedia content on a big projection screen using the XGIMI Z6 DLP LED projector device. The supportable picture and audio formats of Z6 are JPG, BMP, PNG extensions and MP3, AAC, WMA, M4a, AC3 extensions respectively.

If we talk about the compatible video formats of XGIMI Z6 smart portable projector hardware, then we have MPG, TS, AV, MOV, DAT, MKV, VOB, MP4 /1080P Level. The user interface of the Z6 LED 3D projector also consists of many supportive apps to enjoy movies, TV shows or so. You can easily do connect the XGIMI Z6 4K DLP projector device with Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles.

Verdict: If we talk about the options of entertainment between the H2 and Z6 projector devices then here we can say both are performing neck to neck. So I will give 1 point to both the XGIMI H2 and XGIMI Z6 projector devices.

Who is the Ultimate Winner? (XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6)

Hence, after summing up the verdicts of all the above aspects that we have considered to compare both of our competitor projectors, I.e. XGIMI H2 vs XGIMI Z6 we have H2 having 9 points and Z6 having 8 points in total. Thus, we can conclude that the ultimate winner is XGIMI H2 home theatre LED projector hardware.

But wait! Remember this is my viewpoint as per what all things I do like or not like in a projection machine. Your decision can be different from me based on the above stats. If you want a portable and cheaper option than H2 intelligent DLP projector then XGIMI Z6 Full HD portable projector is the best option.

By the way, both of our competitor XGIMI projector models, i.e. H2 and Z6 are highly featured. They work best to provide entertainment and efficiency to its users while saving the time. Whatever be the case, since this article was based on a Faceoff between XGIMI H2 and XGIMI Z6 projector, So I have chosen a winner of the battle.

Well, do let me know about your views about the comparison between both the H2 and Z6 projector models in the comments section. In case I have missed any vital aspect to compare the two XGIMI projection machines that can change the winner of this Faceoff!

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