XGIMI Play X Review: Portable Intelligent Projector with Modern Features


I already had reviewed and discussed many XGIMI projector models earlier and found one thing common in between them. It is their hardware design! They all look pretty similar in appearance. Also, I like the audio output performance of almost all the projector models from the house of XGIMI. Well, once again in this post I am going to discuss another model of the same brand. Thus, keep reading this article entirely since it will be going to be based on my XGIMI Play X review.

The manufacturers have provided the projector device with a Quad core Mstar 6A848 CPU chip that works with a Mali-G51 GPU chip. Together they can work to process any high graphics gameplay or 4K multimedia content. That too in a way that a user can find smooth transitions on the output screen. Let us uncover other details and performance of the projector as per different aspects.

How is the Overall Design of XGIMI Play X Projector?

If I have to explain the overall appearance of the Play X projector, then it has got a rectangular shaped body having rounded edges. The hardware is longer in height as compared to the width and length. By looking at the design of the device from a far distance, I reminded of the hardware and looks of a sub-woofer. I hope some of you might agree with me!

The overall appearance of the remote controller that has been supplied with the projector is premium. It supports voice control and works on Bluetooth connectivity. The remote feels comfortable in hands due to rounded edges and long size.

The designers have given a black matte finish to the remote controller with limited buttons on it. However, a user can control all the functions present on the Play X projector system using the remote. Also, a user can access the files that have been stored internally and externally on any other device connected with the projector.

By the way, there is a power, a voice command, volume control, and some other projector control buttons. A big circular navigational button with shiny finish has been provided on the remote. It has been located almost at the middle portion of remote with an Ok button at the center of the same.

Play X appears much like XGIMI H2 but comparably smaller in size. The model has been highlighted with black and grey dual tone colors with silver-gray hollow grills on all three front sides of the machine.

A Tour of Projector Hardware Appearance from all Sides

Play X is based on a sturdy outer casing with sleek and angular shaped projector hardware.The top and bottom surfaces of the device are completely matt black in look and consists of nothing. However, on top, you can see a brand impression of XGIMI located right at the center of the surface.

At the front surface of the XGIMI Play X to the upper right there lies a big projector lens held inside a circular section. I like the hardware safety and security that has been provided for the internal lens of the machine. The rest of the below portion of the device is designed with meshes that are also found on both the sides of the machine.

Also at the lower portion of the front surface of the projector, there is a distinct impression of Harman/Kardon brand. At the back side of the device on the upper portion, there is a row of interface connectivity ports. Next below to them, there are big air vents that can help the internal heat dissipation system of Play X to release residual heat.

The manufacturers have provided the hardware of Play X with good bottom support. Hence it can withstand a nice balance on a plain surface. It can also be set up with the help of a stand on a certain height or even with a ceiling mount. By the way, Play X supports both Front and Rear projection modes.

What are the Hardware Specifications of XGIMI Play X?

On average the projector weights to around 1.6 kilograms and sizes to 113.5 mm x 145 mm x 171.5mm. The measurements are taken as per the length, width, and height of the hardware respectively. The machine consists of an internal RAM chip of 2 GB memory capacity and internal secondary storage of 8 GB limit. It is good to play high-resolution movies or videos on Play X without any glitches.

The system is provided with an inbuilt battery of 17100mAh. It is pretty big to have inside a portable projector. The battery is capable of withstanding a full day of backup under moderate use. It will be going to benefit the users those who love to travel to different places! At least they are having a good source of entertainment gadget to enjoy anywhere at anyplace!

A user can connect the XGIMI Play X with network or external devices without wires as well other than the wired connection from interface ports. It is possible due to a high-speed WIFI dual band 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth V4.0.

A user needs to provide a regular power supply of AC 100-240V at 50/60Hz to the projector hardware. It is essential for the device to function well and avoid any possibilities of failure so that a user can use the machine for a long interval of time. The total power consumption of the device is 90W.

What are Some Striking Features of the Projector?

The internal speakers of Play X have been optimized by the Harman Kardon stereo sound. The overall dual channel surround sound that the projector can deliver is truly shocking. XGIMI has done an excellent job to provide a good sound system on Play X because the machine is based on a portable design. The overall audio system of the device works well to produce stunning sound from an inbuilt low distortion digital amplifier.

One can use the Airplay and DLNA features provided on the Play X projector. It is helpful to mirror the screen of a smart gadget having a small screen to a giant projected output display. It is especially useful to enhance the enjoyment of playing mobile games. Also works well for projecting any multimedia file present on the internal storage of the smartphone, or a tablet.

I did not find any noise coming out of the projector while using the same for about 3 to 4 hours continuously. I played games on it, watched some videos and movies, listen to music under lower volume levels as well. So Play X will not be going to disturb any one’s enjoyment for sure. The noise has been theoretically measured to be within 30dB.

A Brief Look on the User Interface of XGIMI Play X

An Android-based operating system has been used inside the projector with GMUI user interface. It is a simple to access the user interface system of Play X having all the helpful options on the home screen itself.

And the most important benefit is to search for and install tons of third-party applications on the system interface of the projector. The list of user interface ports includes an HDMI, a USB 2.0, a DC input, and a 3.5mm audio port.

I like the Autofocus feature of the Play X projector. Hence, after a boot up, the output screen can adjust and clear itself automatically. I saw good clarity of pictures on the output display of the machine might be due to the underlying focus balance algorithm.Also, the compatibility of the machine with the Auto trapezoidal correction can be helpful for kids.

How is the Quality of Display Output?

The standard display resolution of Play X is 1920X1080dpi. Not limited to it, a user can enjoy watching multimedia content with more than what we can see in Full HD on the projector. It is because the device supports to project 4K (3840 x 2160) content with enough clarity.

An HDR 10 decoding feature is present on the device. Due to which the output projected colors on Play X looks clear and accurate to the user. In total there are 27 different image quality optimization techniques for projecting a picture on the machine.

At maximum Play, X can project with high brightness that can be measured within a range of 600-800 ANSI lumens. The device supports Motion compensation feature. It can prove itself well to produce fantastic display output while projecting sports or thrilling videos.

The projected pictures are more clear, vivid and delicate. Photos that are projected from Play X are of higher in quality than other micro-injection projectors. There is a new large-size 0.33 DMD chip inside the machine. Play X is based on RGBB four-channel optical path structure.

The device is compatible with 3D projection technology. A user can take the benefit of watching high definition 3D multimedia with full effects. But it is possible only after using a suitable pair of eyeglasses for the same. The machine incorporates dual DLP display technology.

How convenient is it to Setup the Projector Machine?

I am impressed with an intelligent and convenient autofocus technology. It is present on Play X! Hence, using it, a user can adjust the display screen of the projector without any manual adjustment. Also, an MEMC technology has been integrated into the device. It is there to increase the stability and clarity of the projected lively pictures on the output projection object.

An internal LED lamp has been used inside the hardware. It can not only save the electricity but also provides brighter pictures as compared to traditional modes of projection. The machine supports a projection ratio of 1.2:1 and a zoom ratio of 1.2X.

Hence, it proves the fact that the device does not need ample space to show a significant screen display output. After all, the display performance of Play X has been optimized by adding four-sided side-projection function. That too with 100% optical axis.

A user can easily set up the XGIMI Play X hardware by placing it at any position or angle and get the proper output screen. All because of ±40 vertical and horizontal keystone correction function that is available inside the device.

The projector supports to display multimedia content available in different resolutions. The list includes 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. By the way, the compatible video formats of the projection machine are NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.

  • Fast Boot Load Time

  • Portable with Good Looks

  • Value for Money

  • High Brightness

  • Better Picture Clarity

  • No screen assistant APP

  • No MEMC Dynamic Compensation with Keystone Correction


XGIMI has done an excellent job in providing many useful features into a portable sized modern projector. The display quality of Play X is excellent. I am happy with how well the Colors on the output display screen have been reproduced that can generate pleasant pictures.

The device can produce bright images even in daytime, within a room having open curtains, or under high ambient light of the surroundings. So it is worth to talk about the output display performance at nights since you can guess how it will be!

Next impressive feature is the excellent quality of home theater like sound output. Play X can deliver it from the internal installed speakers. You hardly need to connect any external speakers with the device if you are not installing it in a big hall.

The company packaging of Play X includes a power cord, a power adapter, and two 7th batteries. Also, the package consists of one warranty card, one user manual, and one Bluetooth remote control with the main projector unit. So everything is provided in the box, and a user needs only to set up everything and start using the machine.

I will recommend the intelligent XGIMI Play X portable projection device to others. The projector comes with one year of manufacturer warranty as well. And the model belongs to a reputed brand, i.e., XGIMI so a user can feel free about the after sales customer support or so!

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