XGIMI Z4V Review: A Budget-Friendly Smart Projector with Special Appearance


In most of the modern gadgets, we found the artificial intelligence feature. I am sure you all have an idea about AI since it is booming the world of electronics today. It has proven to be a helpful technique to not only save our time but also to make our gadgets even smarter. In this post, I will be going to share my latest XGIMI Z4V review.

So Z4V projector is also featured with the AI voice control function. Not just this a user can almost control every operation of the device by giving voice commands to it. Further, in this article, I will share with you the features, and specifications of the device. That too with the performance aspects of the projector based on different test points. So let us get started!

How is the Hardware Appearance of XGIMI Z4V Projector?

The projector hardware is all white in appearance with a rectangular shaped body. A unique touch to the design is the presence of a Black vinyl disc on the top of the machine. Altogether the look and feel of the device is more than just a projector!

Z4V is based on integrated closed lens design that not only looks good but also prevents the lens from scratches. Also, the lens is secured by providing a wear-resistant high-transparent coated glass on the same. The chances of transmittance have been increased, and at the same time, the resistant to wear has been reduced. Hence, it overall enhances the level of protection for the complete XGIMI Z4V machine.

The remote controller that has been supplied with the Z4V projector has limited buttons. But they are sufficient to control almost all the activities of the projector system and user interface. It includes but not limited to power, a voice control, a menu, a back and other buttons to access the multimedia files.

Also, there is a big rounded button for navigation to all four directions having an OK button at the center. There is a long diagonal volume button to adjust the level of the sound output of the Z4V projector system. By the way the overall look and feel of the remote looks premium on hands having rounded edges on sides. It appears in all white color with black colored buttons having white indications on them.

An Outlook on the Overall Design of the Z4V Hardware

The front surface of the XGIMI Z4V projector consists of the lens enclosed in a special protective chamber. It is located to the left portion highlighted by a black area. Next to it at right part, a brand impression of Harman/Kardon has been given with some holes on the remaining part of the same surface.

So by only looking from the front one can guess the fact that Z4V can produce good quality sound output. All because of an internal audio system configured by a well-known brand in the industry of producing high-end speakers.

At the top of the projector, there is a beautiful black vinyl disc with a small pin. The whole appearance and feel of the device are almost similar to a traditional record player. Also, right at the center to the disc, there is a brand impression of XGIMI. The main highlight is the disc supports 3D gesture control function like stop, audio mode, and controlling the volume of the device.

At the back surface of the Z4V projector on the right side, there are some air holes in a shape of parallel diagonal lines leaning towards the right. Next, to the left of it, there are some interface connectivity ports including the power on/off switch.

How is the User Interface of the XGIMI Z4V Projector System?

A user can project nearly all types of multimedia file formats on the Z4V machine. The operating system of the projector is based on Android. It supports Mango TV, iQiyi TV, as well as a user can search for many supportable third party Apps. So there is a vast choice to download and install the ones like Youku,Tencent, PPTV and many others.

The user interface of the Z4V projector system is easy to understand and use. It consists of a good collection of TV programs, popular movies, video streaming services, music, and man more on the home screen. You can also view the contents of an externally connected device on the UI of the system. It can be from a U-Disk or a PC drive.

You can connect smart gadgets, speakers, gaming consoles and much more directly with the Z4V hardware. It is due to the availability of rich interface connectivity feature on the same. The hardware interface ports include a DC input, a LAN, a USB 2.0, a 3.5 mm Jack, an HDMI (ARC), and HDMI 2.

Again because of Harman Kardon internal audio system you hardly need to connect an external speaker with Z4V projector. That too in case a user is using the machine as a part of Home theater setup.

How can a User Access the Device Wirelessly?

Z4V supports Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity feature. Thus by using this, a user can connect an external device or a smart gadget with a projector for quick sharing. The projector supports both wired and Wi-Fi network connectivity. Among them, the wireless feature can be activated from the network settings option.

AI voice control on XGIMI Z4V features comes with many sub-functions. It includes interactive intelligent voice remote control and humanized multi-round conversational guidance. Also due to intelligent and convenient IOT technology with voiceprint personalized content recommendation.

These things together can make a user smarter by not wasting time using the manual buttons of remote or so. It is a convenient way to access the files or change the settings of the projector system. For example, a user can give a voice command to the Z4V about lowering down the multimedia volume.

So the system can automatically recognize the voice and do the needful in seconds! But to save time a user need to speak every word clearly and slowly so that the system can identify the message and interpret it completely.

What are the Display Features of the Z4V device?

The projector system can generate an output display with an average brightness within a range of 500-700 ANSI lumens. Z4V also supports HDR 10 to get many details in the pictures. It can be while playing games via consoles or watching movies via Blue-ray players.

A user can install the XGIMI Z4V projector device within a range of 1.9 meters to 2.85 meters as a distance from the output projection object. It will result in getting a display screen of size ranging from 30 inches to 300 inches in diagonal length.

The machine can project multimedia content with a native resolution of 1280x720dpi. Thus, you may not get good quality picture outputs under high surrounding ambient light. Also, you need to be careful while using the Z4V projector in the daytime. It is better to close the curtains of the windows in such conditions to enjoy clear visuals.

At night time or in darker environments you can feel free to use the device. It is because the machine works at best to project the high level of HD pictures on a wall or a projection screen. The projector supports a contrast ratio within a range of 3001:5000:1. Hence, every detail in colors on the display screen seems different with each other even If they belong to the same primary color.

What are the Display Configurations of the Device?

A highly efficient LED lamp source has been used inside the Z4V machine. The hardware is based on DLP display technology. The projector can successfully achieve 98% of illumination uniformity on the output screen. It is good to have an Automatic Focus zoom function on the Z4V machine. And it works excellent once the device has been powered on to act!

The device can project an output widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio. A user does not need to think much to provide enough space to set up the hardware of Z4V in a small room. It is because of the compatible projection ratio of 1.07:1.

By the way, you can not only keep the XGIMI Z4V machine on the tabletop but also can hang on the ceiling or use it on a stand. A user can take advantage of both Vertical and Horizontal trapezoidal correction functions available in the Z4V. It is helpful to adjust the output projected screen properly and get an upright screen without any deviation.

After testing the display quality of the projector for about an hour, I can say that the picture quality is better on Z4V with high sharpness. I did not found any blur or jaggedness on the output screen due to any reasons.

Like DLP cinema movie the projector supports 3D imaging technology and active shutter. You need 3D glasses to enjoy the full effects of watching the 3D videos. However, you cannot see the 3D impact on photos.

What are the Convenient Features of the Projection Machine?

There is a smartphone-specific projector control App available for Z4V. It can be downloaded from the App, and after installation, a user can convert a mobile into a remote controller for the projector. The best thing is the App also supports AI voice recognition function. Hence, ultimately it can add convenience on the part of projector users.

Under the system settings of the user interface of XGIMI Z4V, you can find three different modes of connection. They are for Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows PC. By choosing anyone, the projector system will guide the user to go through the clear corresponding tutorial. Thus, anyone can make the connection possible by following simple steps.

By the way, a user can mirror the screen of a smartphone or any other gadget on a big display screen of Z4V projector with ease in less time. In such a case, a user can not only enhance mobile videos, but it is very beneficial to play smartphone games. It is possible by using the mobile as a game controller at the same time looking towards the projected output screen.

You can also wirelessly connect a compatible gaming controller with the projector to enhance the joy of gameplay. A user can connect PS4 Pro, Xbox One and other similar high-end gaming consoles via HDMI port of the projector as well.

What are the Hardware Specifications of Z4V?

The output packaging box of Z4V has dimensions as 250 mm x 250 mm x 110 mm regarding length, width, and height respectively. The package includes a power cord, a Bluetooth remote controller, two 7th batteries, one power adapter, a user manual, and a warranty card.

The net weight of the Z4V projector machine is approximately 2.7 kilograms. Yes, it is bit heavy device but portable in size that can be measured as 196mm x 196mm x 54.5mm. Here, the measurements are as per the length, breadth, and height of the device respectively.

A Quad-core 64-bit Mstar 6A358 processing unit has been used inside the XGIMI Z4V projector hardware. It can help in the smooth performance of the system even while executing any significant process. A 0.3 inches DMD display chip performs an excellent job in reproducing almost lifelike images on the display output.

There is an inbuilt 1GB RAM and 8GB of Secondary Storage on the Z4V device to play high-end multimedia files. The machine only needs an AC100-240V, 50/60Hz power supply to work effectively. On average, the hardware consumes less than 65W of power.

How can the Projector give Pleasing Experience to the User?

A high light transmittance coated glass is present on Z4V. Therefore, a user does not need to care about the earlier maintenance of the internal lens of the projector. A user can enjoy watching the display generated by Z4V on the output screen. One reason might be due to the presence of Texas Instruments TRP square pixel structure of projected pictures.

One among the best thing about the Z4V projector is the fact that the machine works quietly. It has been measured that the output noise that the device can produce is less than 28dB. Hence, no more disturbance from the internal cooling system of projection hardware. It is of use while giving a serious presentation or teaching a child/student while projecting some study material on the device.

  • Appears like a Record Player
  • Good Internal Cooling System
  • Good Sound Effects
  • Cost Effective
  • Bluetooth enabled Remote Controller
  • No battery

  • No High-Resolution Display


Are looking for a decent looking HD projector for your home entertainment that has some unique features (like the vinyl disc)? If yes then you should buy the Z4V that comes with charming looks. Also, you will get the advantage of a 3D video playback.

Not to forget about the availability of AI voice control function on XGIMI Z4V. It is a feature that can help a user to improve his/her dialect while talking or communicating with others. Are you a professional and want to buy a Z4V machine regarding your work or presentations? If the reply is yes, then you can, but before moving ahead, you should know everything about the performance of the projector. At least what I have shared in this article in the above sections!

A user needs to manually adjust the trapezoidal correction from the settings menu in case of side projection. Z4V projector can be used as a standalone Bluetooth audio system. And a user should do it after all the device has a high quality internal audio system. According to my experience, the overall sound output is not the best but at least far better than a TV.

Z4V is available to buy at a price of around the US $500. However, the actual deal price may vary as per different sites. So I can say XGIMI Z4V is a budget oriented device with good looks and mesmerizing features. In one word it is a cost-effective product!

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