XGIMI Z6X Review: Never Underestimate a Simple looking Smart Projector

XGIMI Z6X Review

In this current season of the world cup, I can see people all over watching or talking about their favorite teams wherever I am going! Honestly, I have not much interest in watching Football matches, but even I do not hate them as well! I am a casual sports lover. It depends on my mood since sometimes I like to watch cricket, sometimes football, and even sometimes racing sports. But to get me in a mood to love to watch and enjoy any sport it needs a multimedia source having the right quality display with the incredible sound output. This post is based on my own XGIMI Z6X compact smart projector review.


Where Did I First Saw XGIMI Z6X Intelligent Projector?

Recently I went to meet my friend at his house. He is generally based in Australia but came to his family home for a week. We met after a long time of about three years. After I had reached my friend’s house, I rang the doorbell, and his father had welcomed me! I entered the house, and then I saw my friend was busy watching a Football match. Of course, your guess is right! It is for the world cup 2018.

After seeing me after a long time, my friend was happy. I can easily predict it from his continues to smile on his face. My focus was entirely on the behavior of my friend and do not watch anything else, neither that football match! Football lovers kindly do not hate me, but this is what I am, I already discussed my interest towards sports earlier in this post!


I was Impressed,

We converse for about 10 minutes continuously until we have to think more about what to ask each other! Further, my friend’s mother had bought some delicious snacks for both of us! It is looking like my friend is more interested in watching that football match.

Other than continuing the conversation with me anymore! But I am done with asking nearly everything to my friend. Further, it’s time for me to spend some interval with my friend watching a football match before I leave his house.

Finally, my attention goes towards the wall where the football match is projecting on a big screen of about 100’ size. Now I also get biased towards watching and started experiencing the world cup match on my friend’s projector. I had seen that the projector was placed on the table, it was compact and looking like a simple set-top box. No more need to pamper my friend.

My Experience with the Compact Projector,

I have watched the match for about 5 minutes. As per what did I experience I have to say that I got impressed with the performance of Z6X simple in looks but shrewd projector device. Both with the quality of output display produced by the projector and its sound effect. I was eager to know about the brand and model of the projector running there. However, my friend is so much busy watching his favorite sports that I do not want to disturb him anymore!

So I targeted my friend’s father by guessing he might be having some idea about the smart projector! Luckily I got all the projector related information required by me! His father told me that it is an XGIMI Z6X small multimedia Full HD projector. Also, he went to his storeroom and got the original box packaging of the projector having all the projector accessories in it.

I am thankful, especially for my friend’s father. For helping me so much since he knows my behavior or hobby to explore the details about different tech gadgets. Well, I got the chance to see the box packaging and the accessories provided by the company in it.

Tested Z6X Multimedia Projector from every Perspective,

Till the time the football match has come to an end my friend was sad. It is because his favorite team was losing the Game. I feel sorry for him, but I cannot do anything else while I was reviewing any gadget! My friend got fed up with the performance of his favorite football team. Further loses his interest towards watching the match and join our discussion regarding the projector.

So, I got the support of two people who were helping me to provide feedback regarding the Z6X compact nifty projector. It adds to my excitement!!! I had noted down the major features and specifications of black colored XGIMI Z6X intelligent simple looking projector. Next, it was the time for me to do some hands-on with the projector by myself.

Z6X Multimedia Projector

They allowed me to do the same! I have taken about an hour to watch and test the performance of the Z6X smart compact projector. I had projected Full HD movies, Standard definition movies, High definition pictures, and Music playback. Also, I have experienced a Gameplay by linking the PlayStation of my friend with the projector.

5 Different Criteria’s to Judge the Performance of XGIMI Z6X Projector

In this post, I have much information about a Z6X modern smart projector that I am going to share with you. You might have an idea of some or all. But since this is a review article, so it is my job to provide you with all the details about the product before saying anything about the same.

Z6X projector

I want my readers to get aware of the item. To make it simple, I am trying to present all the information about the Z6X home theater projector by grouping them into five main criteria’s. These are generally used by experts to criticize any Projector!

a) Design:

XGIMI has made the Z6X multimedia projector design simpler possible without experimenting much with its design or so. Even if we consider its outer box packaging, then it is having a Z6X model logo printed at the center of its upper face. And on the other side, you can see XGIMI brand logo.

XGIMI is offering a power adapter, a remote controller, a user manual and the main projector unit as a complete package. It is pretty impressive to see a user manual and a warranty card placed inside a black envelop. It looks premium and ensures the safety of the essential documents.

You can run the smart XGIMI Z6X handy projector by supplying the power to the hardware unit using the adapter provided with the same. The standard adapter from the company can support 100-240V of AC power supply and runs very well on 50/60Hz. The full-featured remote controller provided has the options to control the projector via voice or using manual buttons.

You can enjoy watching big screen entertainment from your couch. You can use the Z6X projector with the remote using conventional navigation buttons. The remote is also having a home button, power button, volume buttons, return button, and many more.

b) Hardware:

i. A Look on the Outer Appearance of Z6X:

The hardware structure of the XGIMI Z6X small-sized simple projector is inspired from its previous generation XGIMI Z6 model. The device weighs only 1 Kg and sizes to about 48*193*193 mm as height x length x width respectively. Hence, the body of the Z6X intelligent projector is probably light to handle and comfortable to carry while traveling.

XGIMI Z6X Projector

The best feature that can make the gadget completely ready to be used both in different rooms in homes and to fulfill Office needs. The LED lamp of the projector can be used for more than 30 thousand hours and consume 36W of power. The lens of Z6X is made up of 0.33’’ DMD technology.

ii. A Look on the Internal Components of Z6X:

If we discuss the front side of the projector, then it has a high transparent coated glass lens. It is hidden inside to ensure safety and durability of its use on the go. You can also see a net-like the section at the right side having small holes. It is a cover for the high-quality dual surround-sound Harman-Kardon speakers of 3W each provided inside the same.

The Z6X intelligent manageable projector is made for daily use, and you can quickly clean its body with the help of a paper towel or clean cloth due to its simple design. At the back of the device, two long sized parallel air vents ensure proper heat dissipation produced by the hardware.

The bottom side of the projector has a circular air inlet. The internal fan provided with the projector is quiet and does an excellent job of maintaining the temperature of the device. You do need to bother even if you are using it for long hours. The total power consumed by the projector is about 65W and produces a noise of less than or equal to 28dB.

XGIMI Z6X small multimedia Full HD projector

c) Connectivity:

The XGIMI Z6X portable projector hardware unit comprises an HDMI interface, a USB 2.o interface, a power interface, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can easily connect the Z6X short an smart projector with your computer.

Also, you can add more external speakers to enhance your complete home theater experience. The best option while listening to the music or watching a movie. The projector is compatible with both Bluetooth and, i.e., 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WI-Fi functionality.

You will not get any lag in the performance even if you do connect the projector wirelessly with any smart gadget or a network source. To remind, since you have an HDMI port. Hence you can connect any media streaming device or gaming console as well with the projector to project their output on a bigger screen.

d) Configuration:

Z6X smart portable projector is based on aMstar 64-bit quad-core CPU chip. For the smoother performance, the XGIMI Z6X multimedia 1080P projector is equipped with 2GB of RAM (1GB DDR4 + 1GB DDR3) and a Mali-T820 GPU chipset. It is has been found that the frequency of a DDR4 chip is about two times faster as compared to a DDR3 RAM chip.

You can take the help of the projector’s keystone correction feature by adjusting its display by ±40 degrees. There is a useful facility for an additional iChips chip. It is helpful for professional image processing helpful in processing 3D multimedia content.

You can enjoy watching 3D videos in motion compensations and gradient correction mode. The projector allows you to convert any of your favorite 2D multimedia content to be projected into 3D. You can store your essential files on the 8GB internal storage provided inside the projector.

User-Friendly Interface,

A Z6X compact smart projector is based on the Android operating system. The user interface of the Z6X compact projector is based on GMUI 3.1. The system interface has a special kids section. Here all the multimedia content regarding the kids are available for the children.

Kids can enjoy without the chance to mess up with any other adult based content. Due to the AI based voice detection functionality, the projector hardware can also detect the voice command of a child as per voice pattern.

e) Display:

The maximum output projection ratio of the XGIMI Z6X LED DLP projector unit is about 1.2:1. You can set up the device anywhere regardless of the space available to install the hardware. Just place the Z6X 2 meters away from a wall or a projector screen, and you will enjoy watching a big screen output display of size 80 inches.

The projector can support supreme 1.07 billion number of colors. Similarly, by placing the projector at a distance of 2.5 meters away from the display object, you can form a 100-inch screen easily. Not just this, you can use the Z6X intelligent LED projector to project a display of size from 30 inches to 300 inches in size.

The projector lens has a fast auto-focusing functionality. The maximum contrast that you can get from the projector output is in a range of 4001:1-5000:1. You can watch the images or videos in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Enjoy Multimedia,

You can enjoy watching any sports or movies. It will not let you down even if you are watching your favorite TV shows on a more significant projected output. You can experience clear pictures with every detailing on the projection output display.

All thanks to the HDR10 decoding and 1080P resolution support of the Z6X small sized intelligent projector. The projector can produce a display with a maximum brightness of around 750 ANSI lumens. You can also project the 4k resolution videos on Z6X to get the best viewing experience.

Next, I will like to share some of the impressive and non-impressive points about the XGIMI Z6X compact intelligent projector. It is based on both me and my friend’s perspective:

High Points about Z6X:

Here are some of the Impressive Points that I do personally like about the Z6X Full HD smart projector:

  • Internal speaker’s sound is fantastic, no need of external sound effect speakers.
  • Easy to use the remote controller
  • Good display performance even in daylight.
  • Convenient to carry and use.

What else my friend do like about the Z6X projector?

  • Good customer support.

Low Points about Z6X:

Following are the things that do not impress me much about the Z6X convenient multimedia projector:

  • Even at the lowest volume the sound coming out of the projector speakers is bit louder.
  • For some of the users, the noise of the fan can be annoying, but it is not an issue during multimedia playback.

My Final Words:

Now I am going to conclude this article. At last, I have one question from you that are looking for not so stylish, everyday usable multimedia smart compact projector? If yes then XGIMI Z6X LED projector can be the best choice for you.

For some people the design of the projector is simple! But, do not judge Z6X home theater smart projector only from its looks, since it has much power. A simple design can also enhance the beauty of your Home or Office tables.

After all, it is a budget-friendly, easy to operate, convenient to use, and a sound projection display output! I can appreciate the performance of the Z6X 1080P small projector regarding one main thing.

It is the fact that the projector can grab the interest of my friend even when I tried much to converse and get his attention towards me! Well, I know the most significant part behind the same is that of world cup match but do you think is it the only thing? At least not for me!

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