Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia vs. XGIMI H1S: Which Projector Should you Prefer?

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Mi Mijia and XGIMI H1S
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We have many options to buy a smart and compact projector via online stores. It does not matter where you live. Many online e-commerce platforms are ready to ship their products to various other countries at an affordable cost. It is one among many benefits of using an online platform for shopping. You can buy any foreign products delivered to your home without any hassle or so! This post is based on the meaningful comparisons and differences between Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia vs. XGIMI H1S.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Mi Mijia and XGIMI H1S

Challenge in Buying the Projector,

The main idea to compose this post has been come to my mind from my uncle who has a distant relation with me. He is looking to buy a good smart and compact projector for his daughter. One day I saw him wandering here and there in my local electronics market.

I asked him about the reason, and he said that he is in search of a good mini multimedia Full HD projector. He was searching for the best product at different electronic stores. He was referring to the demo of projectors given to him by different salespersons at the various electronic shops. All because to get some idea about the performance of varying projector models and so.

Further, I suggested him to check the online stores once to save both his time and effort. Also, I told him that if he is lucky, then he can also save some penny on the market price of the product. He refused my suggestion by saying that he cannot trust on the online shopping platforms. All because we are not able to watch the product or see any demo before buying any item from them.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Mi Mijia vs. XGIMI H1S boxes

Choosing the Best One among Different Option,

I assured him that there are many policies of online shopping platforms for their users. Some are biased towards their customers and help them to get the best deal possible on their desired product! A consumer can exchange, return, or refund in case of any issue or so. Therefore, I offered my help to him to buy an excellent projector for her daughter. Also, I assured him about the safety and guaranteed to get the best item via online shopping.

At first, he is not in a mood to listen to my words, but after a day or two, I got his call asking me to come to his home and guide him to do the online shopping! After all, he is new in it and having some doubts, or a feeling of anxiousness is evident in humans before trying something new!

So one beautiful day, I went to his house, and we both sat together for about 4-5 hours continuously in front of the computer while searching for the best projector. As I predicted, my uncle got confused after watching a big list of product options. Finally, I decided to make it easy for my uncle to choose the best projector from many without much stress.

Solving the Confusion,

Hence, I straightly asked him about his budget. He said it is around US dollar 1000. So I started searching for the projectors on various e-commerce sites by using the price as a filter. Further, I had collected some of the projector models as a result of my search. They are all based on the features and specifications are matching with the requirement of my uncle’s daughter.

I do not want my uncle to find himself in the same confused situation again. So I worked more on further filtering and removing out the options available with us in our budget. Finally, I got succeeded in getting two of the most desirable projector options for my uncle and presented them in front of him. They are not other but Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia projector and XGIMI H1S projector.

I was hoping that he does not need to feel much pressure while deciding to buy one among only the two options in front of him. But the problem has not been solved yet. He was still confused about what to buy among both the two projector models.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM Mi Mijia vs. XGIMI H1S

Why only Xiaomi MiMijia and XGIMI H1S Projector?

Further, I have taken the help of some YouTube product reviews blogs, etc. to show him some details regarding both the projector models. However, he was not satisfied! So I thought it is better to present a Demo having both comparison and differences between the two projectors in front of him.

I know two of my friends those who are among the owners of these two projector models. Hence I decided to talk with them and got the permission to use their projectors for few hours to show a comparison demo between the two to my uncle. They agreed, and I got the opportunity to do a faceoff between the features and specifications of both the projectors.

So next I am going to present a general report of my same. A comparison demo between both the smart compact projectors that I had shown in front of my uncle. It worked!!! I am hoping that it will be going to help you as well much in case you are also confused about what to buy among the MiMijia and H1S smart compact projectors!

Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia vs. XGIMI H1S: Understanding the Similarities and Differences

First of all the big reason why I had selected the Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia Projector, and projector models together are because of their price. The Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector currently costs around $1000, while costs around $950-$1000. Now let us find out the similarities and differences between both the projector models by comparing their essential features and specifications one by one!


The main body of the Xiaomi MiMijia Projector is made up of a one-piece shell from High Precision CNC Aluminum alloy. The size of the Mijia projector is about 21.50 x 21.8 x 11.60 cm / 8.46 x 8.61 x 4.57 inches considering the length x height x width respectively.

And the size of the Xiaomi TYY01ZM package is about 28.00 cms x 28.00 cms x 18.00 cms / 11.02 inches x 11.02 inches x 7.09 inches as per the length x height x width respectively. On the other side, the size of the H1S compact projector is around 200 * 120 * 200 mm as length x height x width respectively.

The net weight of the MiMijia projector is around 3400 grams. On the other hand, the weight of the box package including all the accessories supplied with the projector is about 3600 grams. XGIMI H1S small intelligent projector weights of around 2600 grams.

MiMijia small projector is based on a square pixel architecture of TRP Texas tools. You can identify the text is appearing on the screen. The XGIMI H1S projector has several satellites those are built inside the high-performance DSP processors. It is also having the functionality of dual channel rendering of video graphics and full format hardware decoding.


Xiaomi MiMijia smart projector runs on a 64 bit 1.8GHz, quad-core T968 Cortex-A53 processor. In case of H1S compact projector, it has a GPU of Mali-T760 MP4 and a 1.75 GHz quad-core Mstar 6A928 Cortex-A17 processor.

To achieve higher quality display output the MiMijia projector has 2.7 million SLR mirror lenses. The hardware of Mijia projector has a manual option for you to adjust the keystone correction as per +- 45 degree. However, at the same time, XGIMI H1S projector comes with automatic keystone correction. You can adjust on all four directions up, left, down and right.

If we consider the speakers of Mijia, then there are 2-inch dual-passive dual-speakers of the 10W audio system. It can help you to immerse yourself in a low-frequency submarine. In H1S, it is having Harman/Kardon upgraded dual 45mm driver speakers of 15W Stereo (2×7.5W) 2.0 Channel Audio with LiveStage Speaker Surround.

The hardware of the MiMijia projector works on the principle of diffuse reflection. The technology can help both children and pregnant women while saving their eyes from the blue light. It is all performed by reducing the amount of stimulation. You can share the Atmosphere “Theater” formed on a big picture with the family.


MiMijia projector has a built-in designed adapter. Hence you can easily plug and play the projector using a single power cord. H1S is also using a high performance LED lamp that can be used for a long time of about ten years by considering its daily usage of about 8 hours. It emits clear, bright, and unambiguous projection output healthy for the children.

The Mijia projector produces a low noise level of about 26 dB, all thanks to the intelligent cooling system provided with the hardware. Similarly, the H1S is also not producing much sound since it has been tested that the projector can produce an audible noise of less than 30dB.

On the other hand, the hardware of H1S has won the CES innovation award for smart projectors. It was based on its high performance under the category of Home audio/video. You need to provide a constant power supply of 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz on both the projectors to work correctly for a long time ahead.

H1S projector generally comes with a global power adapter that can be used in all countries while the same thing is not the case with the Mijia projector. The Mijia projector can consume the maximum output power of about 70-130 W. H1S can absorb a maximum power output of about 80-135W.


Xiaomi TYY01ZM Projector runs on Andriod 6.0 as the primary operating system. However, to make the user interaction friendly enough the projector has an MIUI TV user interface. At the same time, the H1S multimedia projector is based on Android 5.1 operating system with GMUI user interface. Both the Mijia and H1S projector systems can support various multimedia formats!

Talking about the pictures then you can watch any image that is based on one among PNG, JPG or BMP image formats. Similarly, you can listen to the songs or music on the units by playing the files those are based on WMA, AC3, MP3, and AAC audio formats. And last but not the least you can do watch movies with a complete home theater experience. You only need some files with extensions as AV, MPV, DAT, VOB, MPG, TS, MKV, and MP4.


In case of H1S projector, its interface has many options for your complete enjoyment. You can enjoy watching TV shows, movies, music to clips from Hulu, Netflix and YouTube on the same. You can also download an XGIMI Assistant App on your smartphone and use it as a remote or cursor to control the projector.

The system of MiMijia multimedia projector can support to project the 3D content. In case of H1S projector, it has advanced optical lens ready to project 3D content on a significant display output. You can turn any 2d content into 3D to project it on a big screen of about 300 inches. You can connect nearly every favorite gaming console like Xbox and Sony PS4 with both the projectors to enjoy big screen gameplay.


The TYY01ZM projector is having a DDR3 RAM of 2GB. It is also having an internal high-speed flash memory of 16GB EMMC. The H1S projector includes a 3GB RAM and a high-speed internal EMMC flash memory of 16GB.

Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia vs. XGIMI H1S: Connectivity Options


Xiaomi MiMijia Projector is based on Dual Frequency Wi-Fi i.e. 2.4GHz / 5GHz, 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac. You can connect the external devices like smart gadgets and speakers using interface ports such as HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm Audio, USB 3.0, Jack+S/PDIF.

Mijia projector can also be paired with any other device using the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. As a package, in addition to the TYY01ZM projector you can get a remote controller, one power adapter, 1 AAA sized battery for the remote. Also, you need to compromise with one user guide that is in Chinese from the company.

XGIMI H1S also supports a dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity of 5/2.4 GHz 802.11 a/B/G/N/ac2*2. The projector can also be connected with Miracast and DLNA. You can broadcast Office PPT, Word, PDF, and Excel directly on the H1S.



With Bluetooth, the H1S projector is also supporting multiple interaction screens. Hence you can pair the projector with any iOS or Android-based gadget and share your content. It is having more than one USB interface connectivity option for more productivity. H1S is having 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, Ethernet, 2 x HDMI 2.0 input, AV input, S/PDIF Fiber Optic Output, AUX output.

You can choose one from the various options of packages to choose from while buying the XGIMI H1S projector online. At first, we will look at the factory made components included in the standard package. It comprises of 1 projector, 1 Bluetooth enabled remote controller with inbuilt gravity sensor cursor. The box also consists of 1 power line, one power adapter and a manual instruction guide.

The second option is to order the standard package with two 3D glasses. The third option is including a genuine X-wall stand and two 3D glasses with the standard box. The fourth option is to have a standard package with two 3D glasses, one genuine X-Wall stand, and a stand adapter. Last option is to purchase a standard box with only four 3D glasses.


Xiaomi TYY01ZM smart Projector can deliver a high brightness projection of around 800 ANSI lumens. Hence you can experience watching bright colors without any distortion. XGIMI H1S can provide even brighter projection output with maximum brightness up to 1100 ANSI lumens.

Both Mijia and H1S projectors are possessing an LED light source based on Germany Osram. Therefore, the LED lamp can be used for up to 30000 hours. So on average, the service life of both the projector lamps are about ten years calculated by considering using the projector for 8 hours daily.

You can project an output display from the MiMijia projector of up to 120 inches to get the best gaming and movie experience. Both projectors are having a 0.47 inches DMD display chip by Texas Instruments. The TYY01ZM gadget is based on an intelligent HDR10 display quality enhancement technology.


You can project a projection output of size 40 to 120 inches by keeping the Mijia projector at a range of about 0.5 to 4m away from the wall or display screen. Therefore with a short projection distance that is around 2m, you can project an output display of about 80-inch. On the other hand, you can keep the H1S projector at a range of 1-7.5m to get the output of size from 40-300 inches.

Both XGIMI H1S and XiomiMiMijia projectors are based on DLP display technology. Mijia supports the native resolution of 1920 x 1080P. But you can also enjoy watching 4k multimedia content on the same. The optical resolution of H1S is around 1920 x 1080P and comprising H.265/ HEVC form 60fps 4K Ultra HD decoder.

The maximum contrast of the Xiaomi MiMijia projector output display is around 500:1. At the same time, the XGIMI H1S smart projector can support a contrast ratio of up to 10000:1. MiMijia compact projector can support both image scales of 16:9 and 4:3. H1S is compatible with the projection aspect ratio of only 16:9.

Quality of Projection:

The unit also has an LED light source that can be used for more than ten years. Xiaomi MiMijia compact projector takes only 3 seconds for autofocus. If we talk about H1S smart projector, then it can also support the autofocus functionality. You can watch the display output from the Mijia projector at a projection ratio of 1.1:1.

In case of H1S, it has a transmission ratio of 1.2:1. The display output from the MiMijia projector can ensure you to provide the ultimate visual experience. A user can observe more realistic objects, more precise image viewing experience both in light and darkness, broader color scale, etc.


Xiaomi has taken much care in offering the best sound output from the MiMijia smart projector as possible. The smart projection unit has both DTS-HD audio decoding and Dolby sound enhancement technology. It is entirely fit for your cinematic, gaming or home theater needs.

You do not have to worry about the quality of sound output in case of the XGIMI H1S. After all, Harman Kardon configures its speakers. The projector will not let you down while using the same to watch movies or to play games with good sound effect to enjoy a theater-like experience.

My Final Words:

Finally, I have to say that my friend’s and my contribution to help my uncle to get a suitable smart projector for him is successful. He decided the best one among Xiaomi TYY01ZM MiMijia vs. XGIMI H1S, and today his daughter is happy with using the same!

Now, whenever he met or talk with me, he always thanks me for the help and also he is no more afraid of shopping online on his own. From this article, I hope you got to know about all the main similarities and differences among both the projectors!

So I am not going to reveal which one among the two projectors my uncle has bought because of the two reasons! First, I do not want this comparison post to enforce you towards purchasing any one product or so.

Ultimately I am not promoting any particular brand or product but only helping people to make them easier to decide on buying a good item for them. Secondly, different users have different requirements and taste to prefer and purchase a thing.

So I left the decision on you! Now you know everything about both the projectors, and ultimately only you can decide which one among them is the best one as per your needs!

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