Xiaomi WEMAX ONE vs JMGO U1: Who can Performs Well?


Right from the time when I have written few posts about JMGO U1 I have got many inquiries about the same projector device. It is to inform you all that even I am not having enough idea about the complete details of the projector. Also, I do not want to misguide the readers by including wrong information in my articles. Also, this post is based on a comparison between Xiaomi WEMAX ONE vs JMGO U1 projectors. Further, in this article, I will also present a review on Xiaomi WEMAX ONE projector.

Two days before, I got a phone call from my friend. He also has read my previous review post based on JMGO U1 projector. He informed me about the fact that he has recently purchased a Xiaomi WEMAX ONE MJJGYY01FM Ultra Short Throw projector.

Further, he said that his projector is better as compared to the U1 and offered me the opportunity to come to his home and review his new projector. Well as a reviewer I always try not to be biased towards any specific product. So I have taken the benefit of his offer and checked out his projector.

Understanding Both the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE vs JMGO U1 Projectors Better,

However, this post is not only dedicated to the review about WEMAX ONE that I have reviewed. But I want some other people to clear their doubts like my friend those who are underestimating or overestimating the new JMGO U1 projector.

Every projector has its upsides and downsides. Hence, the day when I reviewed my friend’s projector. I also presented a report to him. It includes all the similarities and dissimilarities between WEMAX ONE and JMGO U1 ultra short throw projectors.

So the same report I am going to share with you all. Thus let us start first with the Dissimilarities between our two comparative projectors. Further, we will look at the similarities between both the projection hardware.

Finally, I will share with you some more facts that I have noted about the WEMAX ONE while reviewing the same. And that too I will try to compare with JMGO U1 with as much as details I am having about the projector as of now!

Xiaomi WEMAX ONE vs JMGO U1: Dis- Similarities

1) Xiaomi WEMAX ONE is an ultra-short throw laser projector based on ALPD 3.0 laser display technology. JMGO U1 multimedia projector is based on simple modern technology ultra-short throw laser display.

2) The native contrast ratio of WEMAX ONE home theatre projector is 4000:1. On the other hand, U1 ultra short throw smart projector supports a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

3) WEMAX ONE is considerably not a portable projector due to its built structure. The projector weights to about 6 kilograms with overall dimensions as 44 cm x 29 cm x 9 cm regarding length x width x height respectively.

On the other hand, U1 is relatively a portable projector. It is not only lighter as compared to its Xiaomi’s competitor but also sizes to around 52.3 cm x 39.9 cm x 15.3 cm as per length x width x height respectively.

4) In Xiaomi WEMAX ONE multimedia Full HD projector you will get a manual focus adjustment facility. On the other side, the JMGO U1 Home Cinema DLP projector is based on fixed focus projection system.

5) The maximum display brightness WEMAX ONE can support to project the display output is around 7000 ANSI Lumens. But in the case of a U1 projector, you can see the projection visuals at a maximum brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens.

How is the Performance of Projection Outputs?

6) The WEMAX ONE intelligent projector is based on an advanced version of LCD, i.e. LCOS. It is a small reflective active-matrix LCD including a silicon backplane with a liquid crystal layer on its top.

Hence, ultimately the projector can able to display good quality projection output both at night and daytime. In the case of the U1 1080p projector, the output display is good in a dark environment, but there is a drop in the brightness under the light.

7) The lamp of Xiaomi WEMAX ONE projector can be used for about 25000 hours. On the other side, the maximum capability of the lamp installed inside the JMGO U1 projector is more than 30000 hours.

8) There is an automatic image adjustment function inside the WEMAX ONE smart DLP projection device. In the case of U1 portable home theatre projector, it is not having any possibility to hoist the projection device.

9) In case of WEMAX ONE, you can project a bigger display of size 60 inches to 250 inches. To do so, you need to keep the projector from 5 to 50 cm away from the wall or the output projection screen. On the other side, U1 can project a display output of size ranging from 100 to 300 inches in length. To do so, you need to keep the projector at a distance of 4 to 46 cm from the display object.

How is the Performance of Color Reproduction?

10) Xiaomi WEMAX ONE intelligent projection system has a higher color gamut. Also, the projector is having a high proportion of red color to reproduce the colors accurately. Also, a bright image has been produced using five primary colors other than only four colors in other projectors.

Therefore, the overall color performance is natural and real. You can observe almost perfect details in the pictures. In case of JMGO U1, the multimedia projector can recognise maximum 1.07 billion colors to be displayed on the projection output.

11) The total energy consumed by the WEMAX ONE projector is about 250W. On the other side, the U1 projector can be able to consume a maximum power of 300W.

12) WEMAX ONE projection hardware supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios but in case of U1 it supports only 16:9 screen ratio.

13) You can buy Xiaomi WEMAX ONE ultra-short throw projector at a discounted price of $1979. And you can buy JMGO U1 smart DLP projector at the cost of around 9000 Yuan.

Xiaomi WEMAX ONE vs JMGO U1: Similarities

1) Both the projectors can support Full HD multimedia content, i.e. 1920x1080p.

2) Our competitor projectors can have the capability to connect with the Internet using the Wi-Fi feature. In case of Xiaomi WEMAX ONE multimedia smart projector, it possesses dual band built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz). In the case of JMGO U1 ultra short throw projector, the things are not clear, but we hope to get dual-band Wi-Fi feature in it as well.

3) The two competitor projectors that we have taken into consideration in this post can project 4K resolution content.

4) Both the projectors can support keystone correction functionality. You can adjust the output display screen on Xiaomi WEMAX ONE projector using four and eight corners adjustment function. In case of JMGO U1 projector, it is having a ±40 degrees vertical trapezoidal correction.

5) WEMAX ONE and U1 projectors are capable of projecting 3D multimedia to more significant display output. However, U1 can have the capability to convert and project any 2D content with full 3D effects.

How about the Ease of Using the Projectors?

6) To achieve the best quality of display output both of our competitor projectors are using a DLP display technology. It has been integrated with the laser one. DLP first translated any multimedia content to the digital format. The result has been projected out on a wall or a projected screen using the laser.

7) Both the projection systems are based on the Android-based operating system. Among them, Xiaomi WEMAX ONE laser projector is having MIUI interface (based on Android 6.0) all in the English language. However, JMGO U1 multimedia Full HD projector is also supposed to possess the latest Android-based platform.

8) In both of our competitor projector hardware’s, you can get the best visual experience of watching a cinema. That too while projecting an output display of size 150 inches. But there is a bit different among them in the length of the distance between the projector device and projection screen. It is the same even if you project the same sized output from both the projector hardware.

10 Main Highlights of Xiaomi WEMAX ONE in comparison with U1

Here are some of the configuration or performance aspects of the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE as a part of my review process of the same projector device. You can also take them as the Potential Facts about both the WEMAX ONE and U1 Projectors. Currently, it is not clear about whether they will come under the similarities or dissimilarities of the two projectors;

1) In Xiaomi WEMAX ONE home theatre projector device there is no problem of overheating. The device has an excellent ventilation system to keep the projector hardware cooler while in action. There are in total three cooling fans not only for the projector’s body but also to maintain its processor chip and lamp as cool as possible.

In the case of the U1 laser projector, at present, we can only say that the JMGO has planned something good like its former counterparts. It can help the projector device to control its heat dissipation.

Projector’s Design,

2) If we talk about the design of WEMAX ONE hardware, then the front side of the projector has possessed a grid having speakers inside the same. There are total three speakers provided inside the projector among them two are of low frequency, and one is of high-frequency output.

At the right side, there is a ventilation grill for heat dissipation. Nothing is there on the top of the projector. At the back, the projector consists of interface ports including a USB 2.0 port, two HDMI 2.0 ports.

It also possesses an ARC audio output port (to connect 7.1 channel surround audio speakers), an Ethernet port, and two SPDIF ports. As per the teaser look of the JMGO U1 projector, it seems like the product is entirely based on stylish design.

The top and bottom part of the projector is in complete black color. The middle portion of the projector device is somewhat silvery with some grey finish in between. At the front part of the projector, there is only a brand logo.

On the sides of U1, it looks like there is the presence of either speaker grills. There is some possibility of heat dissipation vents on both sides and at the back. At the back of the projector, we can expect the commonly required interface ports.


JMGO U1 Review

How is WEMAX ONE Projector Related to Mi TV?

3) Xiaomi WEMAX ONE smart projector consists of a custom speaker system of Xiaomi Mi TV with the total power output of 30W. It has built-in dual high-frequency high fidelity and in-built high power dual full frequency speakers.

The device also supports Dolby surround sound. Many of us are very much aware of the sound performance of JMGO projector hardware. Therefore, this time as well I am sure JMGO U1 intelligent portable projector will not let us down.

4) In WEMAX ONE, Projector is based on Mi TV system. It can provide a convenient option for us to control the projector hardware from a smartphone in addition to a remote controller. The remote control offered with the projector can support touch and voice control functionality.

It can be operated via Bluetooth connectivity. In U1 the actual look of how the projector’s remote controller will be going to be is not clear, but we can expect a comfortable piece in our hand.



Powerful yet Safe to Use,

5) Many hardware specifications can make the WEMAX ONE 1080p laser projector a fierce competitor to its rivals. It includes 0.47 inch DMD chip consists of tiny mirrors to form the final image.

It supports HDR and reverses display technology. Also, the hardware consists of a 2GB RAM and a 16GB eMMC internal storage. A robust 64 bit Quad core 1.8GHz T968 Cortex-A53 processor.

Well, the details about the actual hardware specs of U1 home theatre projector are not precise yet. However, it also supports HDR, and the new release of JMGO will also have powerful projection hardware.

6) As per official sources, the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE projector can protect your eye from getting fatigue and is based on a power saving design. In case of JMGO U1 projector, such things will be cleared only after detailed testing of the projector. But I hope there will be some comparisons between both the projectors regarding these factors.

Multimedia Support,

7) WEMAX ONE DLP laser projector can support all the commonly used multimedia formats. Concerning images, it includes JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIF, and PNG. Regarding supportable video formats, it includes MPEG – 1 / two / 4, H.264, H.263, H.265, RM, AVI, VC – 1, and RMVB.

Finally, regarding the compatible audio formats, the projector can support many than we can predict. It includes MP1, MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, FLAC, Dolby Digital, M4A, and Dolby Digital Plus.

Now we can also hope to have the compatibility of such formats for the U1 ultra short throw projector as well. After all, to make its hardware completely ready to be used as a home theatre, it has to support such multimedia file extensions.

8) With WEMAX ONE projector, as a package, you will get an English manual and two adapters. You can also use one power cable, one remote controller and a cleaning cloth with the projector device. On the other, with the U1 portable projector, we hope that the projector will be supplied with all the essential accessories required.


Noiseless Expedient Projection Hardware,

9) WEMAX ONE smart multimedia projector produces a noise of less than 32dB ( at 25 Deg.C ). There are not any exact details about the level of noise generated by the U1 projector, but we hope it can be lesser than the standard 32dB like others.

10) Xiaomi WEMAX ONE supports Bluetooth compatibility. I am sure JMGO U1 will also be having Bluetooth connectivity support by considering that it is a smart multimedia home cinema projector.


To conclude this comparison post I can say that both the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE and JMGO U1 projectors are having their own positive and negative sides. But not to forget they both come under the category of smart ultra-short throw laser projectors. After all, both the projector devices belongs to famous brands.

Their manufacturers are well known to produce highly specified quality projectors. I tried to make the things clear to you all about both the projectors via comparing Xiaomi WEMAX ONE vs JMGO U1. But ultimately it is entirely on you about what device you can prefer to experience real home theatre effects in your room!

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