YG200 Review: A Low-Cost Portable Projector That Cannot be Under Valued


Today ever nation is adopting new technologies at a fast pace. Our way of living life has been changed not more since the past ten years. And no one knows about how we will be going to spend our days after ten years. Well, it has many benefits for different age groups, especially to the students. It can be a school going child to a growing up college student. It is exciting for any students to study using the advanced technologies let it be on a smartphone, tablet, PC or a projector. This post is based on my YG200 projector review.

It is a mini multimedia projector well suitable for kids! Not only little ones but professionals as well can take the most use of the device to get their work done efficiently. By the way, one thing is sure! It is the fact that Humans are more attractive towards audio-visual content than some static paras of text. Let me start sharing about my experience with using the projector with you now!

A Look on the YG200 Projector Packaging

In the complete package, a buyer will get a power adapter of 12V/1.5A, a remote controller, an RCA cable, a User Manual in English with the LCD mini projector. You will get a remote control with the projector to control it by sitting at one place. One truth is that you need to connect two AAA batteries on the controller to make it function well with the device. The batteries are not available in the company packaging box of YG200.

Next, I will discuss the overall dimensions of the outer packaging box of the projector. It measures to around 7.75 * 7.08 * 3.26 inches or 19.7 * 18 * 8.3 cm considering the length x width x height of the device respectively. And yes the total weight of the complete packaging including all the accessories with the main unit is around 18.90oz or 500 grams.

The product comes in a dual color combination of Yellow and White. For me, the overall appearance of the projector device is looking like a tech toy for teenagers. The product is available in both US and EU plug options.

What are the Design Configurations of YG200?

The length of the portable projector hardware is 12.3cm, and width is 9.5cm. If we consider the height of the machine in mind, then it measures to around 5cm. In other words, the length x width x height of the device is 4.84 x 3.74 x 1.96 inches respectively.

The total weight of the projector unit is about 267 grams or to make it simple nearly 1/4th of a kilogram. An impressive fact about YG200 is the manufacturers have taken care of both the portability and light hardware design.

At the front surface of the projector, there is a big lens at the left part of the same and some vents to the right. On the right side of the machine, there is a small lever to adjust the manual focus of display output.

At the top surface, nothing is there expect some buttons located in a row at the right portion of the device. It includes a big power button in the yellow color following by some other projector control buttons. There lies left and right navigational keys, an OK button, an input selection button, and a Return button.

At the left, there are some interface connectivity ports at top portion with some air vents located at the bottom part to the left of the same surface. Similarly, at the back side of YG200 projector, you will get the rest of the hardware connectivity ports. They are located at the top part with some bottom air vents to the right portion.

What are the Basic Hardware Specifications?

The projector supports two different types of power supply sources. One via AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz and another one is of DC 5V with the help of Micro USB Port. The average power that the machine can consume in general use is ranging in between 10W to 24W. The system supports 23 different OSD Menu languages.

There is a small speaker of 0.5W and 8Ω provided by the manufactures inside the YG200 projector. Hence, at least you can watch and listen to some audio-visual files on the device in case of an emergency. Also, at special conditions when you are not having any external speakers or so to get the desired sound output from the product.

Now, let me share with you the details about the input interface ports available on the projector hardware. So, On the device there lies a TF port, an Earphone jack, an HD port, an AV port, one DC input port, a USB, and a micro USB input slot.

What are the Display Qualities of the Projector Machine?

The YG200 projection machine can project an output display screen with a maximum resolution of 400 Lumens. The device works at a native resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. However, the maximum supportable display resolution of the projection machine is 1920 x 1080ppi that is Full HD. The mini projector supports contrast ratio of 800:1 while projecting any picture on display screen.

You can only watch movies or images on the YG200 projector device at an aspect ratio of only 4:3. Yes, you will be going to miss enjoying your favorite multimedia content on 16:9 with it. But we cannot expect too much from mini projection hardware after paying such a small price.

Maximum projection ratio of the projector is of 1.6:1. The device can successfully maintain a standard color temperature of about 6400K. The LED lamp provided inside the projector unit can be used for 3000 hours.

What are the Benefits of Buying the YG200 Projector?

If you buy it online from some trusted sources then definitely you will get some months of manufacturer’s warranty. That too both on the projector and its accessories. However, it can differ. Also, there is a facility of product return with the money back guarantee from many online retailers that I have checked till now.

Hence, in case of any confusion about the device without overthinking, you can order the projector and use it for some days. In due course, if you will not be satisfied, then you can return the product to the seller.

I like the fact that the projector can be connected with a smartphone with wired SYNC feature. So you do not need to depend on a USB stick or to connect the machine with a PC every time. The best part is if you like to play games on smartphones or tablets then now you have something new experience with YG200. By projecting your favorite game-play on a big display screen.

How is the Device highly suitable for Kids?

As I said the fact that the projector is highly suitable for kids, but we need to take care before handover or gifting anything to them. I am especially concerned about a product that will be going to affect their health.

Hence, in the case of this projector as well many of you might be doubting about any health risks to children by using it on a regular basis. But let me tell you I got to know one kind and helpful feature of the device. It is the fact that the YG200 projection machine supports diffuse reflection imaging.

A technology that is going to be available in all the projector models sooner. According to which the reflecting light coming to our side from the display screen of the projector will not be directed directly to our eyes or so.

Hence, our eyes will not get fatigue sooner in case of prolonged use that we generally feel in case of many Television screens. So if you are a parent at least, you do not need to care about the eyes of your children if he or she likes to watch cartoons for a long time in front of a big screen.

What are the Multimedia Features Present inside the Projector?

A user can feel free to play almost all types of video formats on the YG200 projector machine. It includes AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, SWF, MKV, XVID, MOV, RV, DAT, WebM, ASF, TS, M2P, FLV, VOB, DIVX, RMVB, 3GP, RM, and SSIF. You can also do enjoy the thrill of watching the 3D movies on the portable projector that are available with you in Red-Blue format.

Also, for the music lover, the great news is that the mini projector can support various audio formats as well. It includes MP3, AAC, PCM, AC3, CD, MP2, DTS, FLAC, WMA, OGG, M4A, WAV, AMR, APE, and MIDI.

Now, if you are thinking about viewing images on the projector hardware then yes it is possible. The projector can display JPG, PNG, GIF, PCX, EXIF, SVG, PCD, UFO, MPO, JEP, BMP, TIFF, TGA, FPX, PSD, CDR, DXF, and EPS.

Students can project the .txt files on the YG200 machine to learn from a big display output of their study materials. Hence, it would be more fun for a student to connect their PC with the projector and enjoy working on their study assignments.

Hence, all the above facts can prove that the projector device is well made to be used for many purposes. It includes but not limited to Business works, Education Purposes, Home Entertainment, and Room Theater.

5 Good Facts to use the Projector for Daily Purposes

Most of the people are buying a portable projector to their small regular tasks other than carrying a big machine from here and there. So if you are also planning for the same then following are some of the best points about Y200 that I think can impress you;

  1. You can place the projection machine at a distance of around 0.8 meters to 2 meters in length from the output object. It can help you to get a display of size 24 inches to 60 inches in size (Diagonally).
  2. I like the fact that a user can charge the mini projector device. It is possible by using either a standard power bank or 5V charges that are commonly used with smartphones. Since it has a Micro USB port (supports 5V/2A) that can be used as a power supply input source for the battery.
  3. The YG200 projector can support to display a maximum of 16.7 million colors on the output screen.
  4. You can take the benefit of projecting both front and rear projection modes on the machine.
  5. I have tested the HD input port of the projector and find it works well for video decoding of accurate HD images and videos.

Also, concerning the performance of the projector machine for playing games then I have to say that it is a good option. The device will help you to enhance your mobile game-play experience up to a great extent. That too both visually and audible using good quality external speakers.


By concluding my review here, I have to say you can use the YG200 projector with ease with any multimedia device available with you at home or office. It can be a PC, TV set-top box, Laptop, Hard Disk, Tablet, or any other device. After all, it has been made of lightweight and mobile friendly in design.

Finally, it is the time that I have to summarize the display performance of the YG200 projector. It shows bright and clear pictures at nights or a room with considerably low ambient light. The overall sound performance of the projector is just a formality I have to say, the speakers are good for voice or to listen to less quality music.

At one look of YG200, you might predict it like a Toy projector for kids. But it is more than that! Not only children, but elders can also enjoy much in their daily life by projecting some beautiful pictures on the machine.

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