YG320 Mini Review: A Low Priced Notable Mini Portable Projector

YG320 Mini

In few of my recent posts, I have discussed regarding reviewing portable projectors those are available to buy at low prices, i.e. within $100. However, today I am going to cross the boundaries further. Hence, in this post, I will discuss my review of YG320 Mini Projector. The most beneficial thing about this projection device is the fact that it is available to purchase online at a price of less than $50 that is around $48.

The main reason for choosing YG320 projector for review is to cover the doubts of some people who might think that cheap projector is a waste of money! Also, I hope this review article will be of much help to other people as well. Especially those who are looking ahead to purchase a firsthand brand new projection machine at the lowest price possible.

The Idea to Review YG320 Mini Smart Small Projector

I got the inspiration to review YG320 projector machine and write this post from a gentleman! To be specific, the day before yesterday I had gone to a market for some shopping purpose. There I found some noise of two people doing a heavy discussion about something in an electronic shop.

Once I reached to shop front, I saw a gentleman of middle age was talking with the salesman of the shop with a hard voice. After being there for some time, I got to know that the man wants to buy a projector device at his budget but he did not get many options within his price range. The salesman tries to convince that man by selling him a projector with the cost above than his limit.

Thus, both are parties are standing on their point and the discussion is not ending. Finally, the shop manager asked the old man to give them some time to get some more low-priced projector models at their shop. The manager further invited him to come back next week at their shop.

My Hidden Aim!

After discussing with the shop manager, that gentleman had left the shop! By the way, I am addressing him as a gentleman because he was nicely dressed up like a professional guy. He was frustrated, I tried to talk with him with the aim to help him on his matter up to a certain extent, but he did not listen to me! Well, I can understand on his part!

Hence, I decided to review a cheap projector, i.e. YG320 Mini available with my friend and write this post. With an additional small aim which is if that gentleman can read this review article then I am sure he will be relaxed. So getting back to the main topic of this article let us get started with the configurations and performance of the YG320 projector device.

How are the Design Aspects of the YG320 Projector?

The outer body of the YG320 intelligent portable projector is made up of ABS plastic material and designed with a beautiful look. At the front face of the YG320 projector at its right there is a circular speaker grill and on the left there lies the lens. At the top surface of the projector there lies some control buttons located at the right portion of the device. There is a Matt like the finish on the left part of the same surface.

At the back side of the YG320 smart multimedia projector hardware, there are some air vents and interface ports. The two air vents are located at both the corners on the lower portion. And you can take the benefit of using the interface connectivity ports located at the top part of the same device. It includes a MicroSD card slot, a USB port, an AV port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an IR receiver, and a DC 5V port to connect the power cord with the projector device.

On the left side of the YG320 Mini home theatre projector device there lies an air vent at the bottom part of the same face. Also, some interface ports located at its upper portion including an HDMI port, a USB port, and a DC IN port. However, on the right side of the YG320 small home projector machine, there is only an air vent!

What are the Specifications and their Response to the Projector?

YG320 projector is available to buy in three different colors namely Silver, Black, and White. You will get a remote controller, a power adapter, a user manual, and an AV cable with the YG320 projector device as a complete package from the company.

The YG320 smart office projector device weights to about 0.2 kilograms. Also it sizes to around 13.30 x 8.50 x 5.00 cm / 5.24 x 3.35 x 1.97 inches measured in terms of projector’s length x width x height respectively.

The overall Box packaging size of the YG320 intelligent cinema projector is 7.68 x 6.97 x 3.27 inches or 19.50 x 17.70 x 8.30 cm. It has been measured regarding the length x width x height of the projector hardware.

The Best Gift Option!

You can carry the outer package of YG320 mini portable office projector machine from one place to another easily. You can also gift it to someone at ceremonies or parties since the weight of the complete Box is only around half of a kilogram.

YG320 projector device works to provide a native resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. However, it can support the maximum Full HD display, i.e. 1080p resolution output projection. The YG320 home multimedia projector can support a bigger display screen at a resolution of 400-600 Lumens having a contrast ratio of 800:1.

Therefore, you will get a clear and bright display output on darker environments similar to a High Definition TV. Also, I tested the YG320 Full HD smart projector device on a medium indoor light, and I hardly found any big difference on the same.

There is an LED lamp provided inside the YG320 Mini projector hardware with a life of about 30 thousand hours. YG320 1080p home theatre projector machine is based on LCD technology. The projector supports a throw ratio of 1.6:1. YG320 projector endorses an image scale/ aspect ratio of 4:3. I think it is the best alternative to have other than an LCD or LED TV screen output.

An Energy Saver Portable Projector Device

YG320 intelligent cinema projector device needs a power supply of 12V. The total power consumed by the projector’s lamp is 14W. So it can be said that YG320 is an efficient projection machine. Also, its remote controller needs two AAA sized batteries to work with the same.

It also has an inbuilt speaker system that can deliver a considerable output like an LCD or LED TV set. However, you can give a boost to the overall sound output of the YG320 home theatre small projector device. To do this, you can connect some high effects external speaker systems with the YG320 projector hardware.

You cannot enjoy watching big display screens with 3D effects. It is because the projector is not compatible with such projection outputs. Unfortunately, the YG320 multimedia LED projector does not support external subtitles and DVB-T.

Well to be honest! Even if the manufacturers provide the 3D support on the YG320 projection machine, you cannot take the utmost enjoyment from the same. Since hardware should possess high-end specifications to get the job done and you need to pay more for it!

What are the Features and Performance Characteristics of the Projector?

A durable internal hardware cooling system has been provided inside the YG320 smart 1080p projector. It will make sure that the YG320 Mini projector hardware can be used for a long time without any hassle of overheating or so.

You can easily mirror your phone’s screen to the portable YG320 projector machine. So you can enjoy the regular handy multimedia available on your smartphones and tablets on a more prominent display. It can be projected either on the wall or a good quality projection screen.

The recommended distance to keep the YG320 LED home projector hardware is within a range of 0.8 to 2 meter away from the display object. It will help you to get a bigger projection display whose size ranging from 20 inches to 80 inches in length.

However, at maximum, you can keep the projector at a distance ranging from 0.9m to 3m in length from the projection screen. YG320 Full HD office projection machine can project an output display of size ranging from 28 inches to 100 inches.

The lens of the YG320 home cinema projector device is made up of multi-chip coated lens. So it works best to display a good quality projection screen. A good thing about YG320 projector machine is the fact that it is consuming a total power of 20W. You can use a TF card of maximum 16GB memory to enhance the storage space on the YG320 Mini smart portable projector device.

YG320 Projector: A Good Aspirant for your Home Theater

YG320 projector can be used with ease in a room while enjoying a movie together with a family. It is because the internal fans of the projector do not produce much noise while in action. It is limited in a range of less than 30dB.

The YG320 intelligent home projector can support to display various multimedia file formats. Regarding pictures, you can watch an image file on a big display having compatible extensions as PNG, BMP, and JPG. Similarly, you can watch movies or videos on one among many commonly available file formats. It includes MPEG1 / 2 / 4, RM / RMVB, H.264, MOV, VC1, MJPEG, DIVX, MP4, and FLV.

Finally to listen to some good music you can run MP3 and WMA audio files on the YG320 Mini home theatre projection system. It can be a good option for you to change your mood anytime in your daily life either you are at home or an office. Due to its portable design, you can keep the YG320 smart portable projection machine every time in your car whenever you are moving.

The Bottom Line

I am impressed with the overall performance of the YG320 projector device considering its cost price in mind. I have reviewed the projector and tested it for about 4 hour’s continuously at my friend’s home who is the owner of that device.

Whatever I saw and experienced with the YG320 projector is already stated above to give you enough idea about the performance of the device. My friend is having a black colored YG320 LED Full HD projection hardware. After my hands-on with his projector device,

Also, I have asked my friend to tell his own experience of using the same. He said to me that he did not face any major problem until now. He has purchased the YG320 small smart projector to fulfil his dream. And it is to enjoy a weekend cinema on a big screen with his family. My friend said he got the right product that he always wanted to buy.

My Suggestion about YG320 Mini Projection Gadget!

Finally, I recommend YG320 intelligent cinema projector. Mainly to those people who want to buy a projector device in a budget of less than $50. After all, for some people, it is a smarter way to set up a home theatre system at their home.

By using some external speakers with the YG320 multimedia portable projector hardware within a budget of $100! What do you think? Please do comment your views about the YG320 mini home LED projector if you have any experience regarding the same machine. Also if you know any other low-priced projector that you want to recommend to the readers!

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